Acquisition of the James Dewhurst Group

Regulated information - inside information. Sioen Industries NV acquires 100% of the shares of the James Dewhurst Group. James Dewhurst is a leading manufacturer of technical textiles and Europe ’s largest producer of open construction laid scrims* with production facilities both in the UK and the USA. Its customers add those scrims to their products primarily to provide strength, reinforcement and stability, as well as to assist the customer’s production process, add weight to the final product or to provide flexibility or electrical conductivity. James Dewhurst is currently active in six industry sectors, Building and Construction, Industrial, Geotextiles, Health and Hygiene, Packaging and Transport.

James Dewhurst Group has successfully developed a proprietary manufacturing technology that allowed it to establish a market leading position in the supply of open construction laid scrims.

With this acquisition Veranneman Technical Textiles, a division of Sioen Industries, reinforces its position in the market of the reinforcement textiles and completes its product range. The new configuration can offer a full range of woven, laid and laminate scrims and fabrics.

Sales for James Dewhurst Group are forecasted to be 40 million £ with forecasted EBITDA margin of approximately 6 million £. Sioen Industries expects to take control as of early June.

This transaction has a value of 44 million £.

  • The sellers: AAC Capital Partners, the Brierley family trusts and the management of James Dewhurst LTD.
  • Advisor to the seller: Cavendish Corporate Finance, the UK’s leading independent firm advising exclusively
    on the sell side M&A to mid-market companies.
  • Advisor to the buyer: Allen & Overy, a leading international law firm providing legal services for
    global business’ and industry.

Update outlook Sioen Industries Group 2017

The recently acquired companies are well on track to meet expectations. However, strong economic performance currently boosts a worldwide revival of the raw materials markets affecting Sioen Industries Group’s short term financial performance. To mitigate these effects, price increases in sales prices are being implemented.

*Scrims are fabrics with an open, lattice construction enabling them to combine strength with low weight.

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