Growth is part of our company strategy and thus part of your path. As a market leader we have to set the example and aspire growth in everything we do.

That includes you. Personal growth is very important for us. We want our people to be motivated, inspired and passionate. This is so important that we have described it in our vision, mission and strategy vision, mission and strategy.

The human capital at Sioen Industries is an important link in the expansion of the company. Our employees ensure that promises are kept and that our products and services meet customers’ expectations and demands. Through many years of dedication, our employees have built up a huge fund of skills. They put their heart and soul into their work, constantly offering creative solutions and alternatives.

At Sioen, every employee receives an extensive internal support through personal counseling, monitoring and/or external training. We encourage self-study, training and any kind of formation.

People working at all levels of our company are to be treated with respect and their (human) rights have to be continuously protected and promoted. We are in contact with experts and consult information sources that can help us maintain our commitments towards all our employees.