Sioen filters for mouth masks in Belgian pharmacies

Sioen now also produces filters for pharmacies, which will be distributed by Pharma Belgium-Belmedis. Previously, Sioen Industries also produced filters for the Belgian government. From next week onwards, Sioen-Careway filters will be available at local pharmacies.

Filters for mouth masks

The reusable filters are especially made to fit in mouth masks and offer an optimal bacterial filtration while also providing a high breathability. The packaging with five filters that Pharma Belgium - Belmedis sells in pharmacies is suitable for both professional and non-professional use.

Cleaning filters

In case of daily use, it is recommended to clean the filters daily. That is possible in three ways. First, you can wash the filter at 60°C for at least 30 minutes. In addition, you can place it in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes or iron it for 2 minutes at a maximum of 120°C.

Tender federal government

The Belgian federal government opted for Sioen Industries' filters as early as April . It was an invitation to tender for 6 million filters. Since the beginning of May, the filters have been distributed by the government to the Belgian population. From mid-June, all Belgians will be able to buy extra filters in pharmacies thanks to the cooperation with Pharma Belgium - Belmedis.

Sioen Industries

The filter cloth is produced in Liège by Sioen Technical Felts, part of the Sioen group, one of the world market leaders in technical textiles. The cutting is done by Coatex, the Sioen site in Poperinge.

Pharma Belgium-Belmedis

Pharma Belgium - Belmedis is a wholesaler that supplies health products to pharmacies. In addition to the filters produced by Sioen, the company also participates in the distribution of mouth masks, which will be offered free of charge to the population via pharmacists from mid-June onwards. The filters will be marketed under the Careway brand.