Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

A look at the wider picture: how does Sioen fit into the environment, both human and natural, it is part of?
Does it give back to society and nature as much as it takes from it?

Sioen as an employer

Ardooie, the group’s corporate headquarters and the other French and Belgian factories, are located in the heart of the former French-Belgian textile zone, and were hard hit by the collapse of the western European textile industry in the 1970s and 1980s. Sioen is a major employer in the region.

In Indonesia, Myanmar, Tunisia and Romania Sioen provides employment to over 1 700 persons. The fact of offering working conditions superior to the average has the effect of pushing up the overall level, not only of pay, but also of health and safety in these developing countries.

Sioen as taxpayer

Sioen paid EUR 36.2 million in taxes in 2017. In addition to income taxes (15.7 million EUR), this amount includes EUR 17.2 million in social security contributions of the employer, EUR 2.6 million in taxes the holding of fixed assets , 34.2 thousand EUR taxes on commercial vehicles and 695.7 thousand EUR other taxes.

Sioen in the local community

Sioen is conscious of its responsibility to the wider business and residential community. Employees serve in various social and charitable organisations. Follow our charitable initiatives on facebook.

CSR reflects in actions. In our section CSR initiatives we give you some facts and figures.

Sioen Industries strives to preserve and improve the global environment through a pro-active environmental policy as explained in our CSR manifest