All together for "The Warmest Week"

This week is a very special week in Belgium. A week dedicated to society, to helping each other, having a heart and showing it, organized by the national radio station Stubru. This week is referred to in Belgium as the “the warmest week”, a week before Christmas. On a live set 24/7, people donate (often substantial amounts) to hear their favorite song.

A winning formula

When this charity event was organized for the first time in 2006, there was one charity and all the money was donated to that specific one. Since 2013, people can choose to donate to their charity of choice. Almost 2000 charity organizations benefited from the 17,2 million euros last year.

More than 12000 campaigns were organized this year, from baking waffles to cycling tours. In addition, approximately 50.000 people participate in a “Warmathon”, city runs held for charity. The sports enthusiasts alone collect every year about 700.000 euros.

In that week before Christmas, it is as if the whole of Flanders has a bigger heart and is united through music and charity. It really feels special and is heartwarming.

Sioen of course

A warm heart, that’s the least you can say about our company. We’re a family business that has grown into a major stock quoted company, but always keeping our family roots and values. Whilst working for Sioen, we have a clear vision about growth, whether it is for our company, ourselves as individuals as for society.

For “the Warmest week” we coordinated three dedicated projects. We baked waffles, organized a tombola and motivated our colleagues to run together at the “Warmathon”. With these beautiful initiatives we collected a great amount of money for local and national charity actions.

But there is more, apart from “The warmest week”, the number of charity actions we support are enormous. Here are a few:

  • Walking against cancer
  • Our employees are participating in Run to Rio and Run to Tokio
  • Sponsoring A heart for West-Flanders
  • Sponsoring Rising Youth
  • Supporting the sailor Maité Carlier and Norbert Segelac
  • Donating garments to “Save the Children” in Rumania
  • Supporting local schools in Myanmar and Rumania
  • Donating to a local orphanage in Myanmar
  • Helping students realizing their projects
  • Supporting female entrepreneurs in Senegal through SOS Faim
  • Supporting wheelchair tennis
  • Acting as ambassador for a local university (Kulak)
  • Supporting the Queen Elisabeth Foundation
  • Sponsoring Robot Camp
  • Supporting the Maggie program

And many many more. You can find our contributions and actions on our social media. Thank you for sharing and caring!