Building the future of construction with textiles

We will exhibit at the FIT pavilion on the Big5 fair in Dubai. This is the biggest trade fair in the world and a global hub for construction industry. It’s the place to be to meet architects, contractors, manufacturers, project managers, engineers and c-level decision makers in construction. Just the target audience we need.

Construction is our world

There are dozens of places in a building, civil engineering and construction where textiles are used. The most obvious ones, decorative textiles, are not the ones we’re producing. We’re specializing in technical textiles for high demanding applications, both visible and invisible ones.

We’ve been specializing in technical textiles for more than a century. Our production capability, technical expertise and 360° integration of all aspects of a textile are major assets in the technical world of construction. We’re producing the fibers, yarns, woven and laid fabrics, nonwovens and the chemicals they are treated with in house. We master all the steps of the production value chain.

But what’s more, our team of engineers offers insights and expertise on how to use our textiles and how to create the best result both technically and aesthetically. We work closely with our customers and tailor solutions to their requirements.

Invisible yet necessary

The fabrics that are not visible in construction are mainly used as a reinforcement, filter or as liners. We work with polyester, polyprop, glassfibre, Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene amongst others and can coat the fabrics with any polymer if required. Here are some examples of our myriad of applications:

Functional yet pleasing to the eye

We’re also producing a wide range of fabrics and membranes that are visible and even sometimes have as main purpose to catch the eye. Our range includes:

  • Technical textiles for tents and pergolas
  • Technical textiles for tensile architecture. Our range dedicated to build car parks, sun shading, stadia and façade covers with worldwide references consists of:
    • Sioen Easyfluo range. Durable, lightweight, translucent architectural membrane with the best cost performance ratio.
    • Sioen Fluomax performance range is the best option for permanent structures with long lasting and low soiling properties.
    • Sioen Fluo2Max for rough climates and large and long-lasting structures such as stadia.
    • Sioen Fluoscrim: a revolutionary and highly translucent composite membrane for permanent tensile architecture applications. Not sensitive to UV radiation which maximizes natural light input and allows penetration of photosynthetically active radiation.
  • Facade mesh
  • Mesh for fencing, sun shading and ventilation

All these applications require high quality care and swift production. As we’re producing every element of the final product, we can guarantee fast delivery and high-quality standards.

Keders, cutting, welding

Our 360° textile expertise is complemented with our cutting, complexing, welding and even small batch manufacturing of complex engineered items such as concrete cooling covers, flexible sludge/water pipes or flexitanks. Our brand Coatex is an expert in the production of keders. Keders connect profiles with fabrics and are used in many different applications: large tent constructions, awnings, sails, high speed rolling doors, publicity panels, …


As icing on the cake, we’re glad to present you our GreenTecStyle textile composite consisting of lightweight, yet strong and durable textiles for indoor and outdoor vertical eco systems. Our ready-to-use pocket system comes in different fixed patterns and densities for a personalized look and budget (22 plants/m², 41 plants/m², or 88 plants/m²). With a thickness of about 1.5 cm, Sioen’s GreenTecStyle is thin and flexible, allowing it to be used for curved wall designs and/or room separators.

GreenTecStyle products are available on rolls of 25 meters. Alternatively, our manufacturing experts can pre-cut the complex in any shape with straight or rounded edges. Keders can be added to the contours of the composite for easy installation and proper weight distribution. Using keders also means that the complex can be tensioned to maximize the esthetical effect. Other types of finishing include rings for bolting the complex or water impermeable side flaps to guide the water along the edges.

Visit us in Dubai on the Big5 fair, 18 m² on the Belgium Pavilion (FIT) from November 25th to the 28th.