Dickson Coatings is now called Saint Clair Textiles

Dickson’s history and occupation

Dickson Coatings is a French manufacturer of technical textiles that was founded in 1918. The company has similar activities to Sioen Industries, as they introduced textiles made with synthetic fibres in 1945. The sectors Dickson offers fabrics for are transport, agriculture, structures, outdoor and printing. Dickson Coatings used to be part of the Glen Raven Group. Their activity, however, was non-core for the Glen Raven Group that primarily focuses on technical textiles for home improvement and living spaces.

A new name, the same intention

Both Dickson Coatings production unit in France and the sales office in the USA are now called Saint Clair Textiles. The acquisition and new name do not change the company’s intention. They will keep on developing sun-protection fabrics, outdoor textiles and PVC free coated fabrics in close partnership with Sioen’s other brands.

Ecological commitment

Saint Clair Textiles, as well as Sioen Industries, is committed to clean manufacturing and aims to work in a sustainable way. In 2003, Saint Clair Textiles launched its Evergreen range that is made without solvent emissions and without industrial water waste. In addition, all packaging is made from recyclable materials. They are a partner of VinylPlus, the European PVC industry’s Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development.

Part of the Sioen Industries Group

Saint Clair Textiles benefits from the group’s market leadership and 360° of textile know-how. Our vertical integration guarantees a firm control on both yarns, weaving, needling, the manufacture of colouring solutions and coating. Synergies between the Sioen brands create new opportunities.

The new name of Saint Clair Textiles, also comes with a new logo, new website, new sample cards and new brochures.