Dimension-Polyant Provides Textile Solutions During the Fight Against COVID‑19

When you change direction in basketball, you pivot. In sailing you tack or jibe. A number of years ago Dimension-Polyant (DP), the world leader in the production of technical sailcloth met the needs of a new market by introducing a line of performance fabrics for outdoor equipment including backpacks, duffle bags, tents, and other advanced laminate fabrics.

Once again, the company has “tacked” to meet the urgent demands of COVID-19 and the PPE market. A number of manufacturers have tapped DP to provide films and fabrics for face shields and gowns. Their vast knowledge and scope of lightweight woven, non-woven, and laminate materials are ideal for these products. They are 100% waterproof with zero porosity.

Maine-based Flowfold first approached DP in early March and others quickly followed. Customers include G-Form, Space-X, Sail Works, and UK Sailmakers. So far over 300K units have been produced and shipped to the front-line medical community. The combination of current inventory and a strong supply chain have helped support the increased demand of these materials.

Taylor North, Head of Technical Fabrics at Dimension Polyant stated, “Our extremely lightweight spinnaker fabrics have been used in protective garments, aprons and patient transfer sheets. We can also apply specialized coatings to make them liquid repellent, slippery or soft.” He went on to say, “Our fabrics and laminates could be utilized for partitions in containment zones or structural fabric tenting. They can easily be cleaned and disinfected. Our familiarity and access to optically clear films can be used for the fabrication of face shields.”

The team at DP is proud of its ability to quickly adapt and join the global fight against COVID-19. The shift has allowed the company to keep employees active while maintaining safe working conditions and providing customers with the product solutions they need now. If anyone would like more information on how Dimension-Polyant can be of assistance please contact Peter von Maffei, Sales Manager at 860-928-8320 (peter.von.maffei@dimension-polyant.com)

About Dimension-Polyant

Dimension-Polyant is the world’s largest sailcloth producer, with decades of experience in highly technical yachting fabrics. DP utilizes that experience and applies it to a multitude of diverse industrial and outdoor applications. Production facilities are located in Putnam, CT USA and Kempen, Germany (dimension-polyant.com). Dimension-Polyant is owned by Sioen Industries, Belgium (Sioen.com).