Dimension-Polyant’s X-Pac® fabrics more popular than ever

While Adidas now uses Dimension-Polyant’s X-Pac® fabric for one of the brand’s premium packs and for a waist bag, many other brands that are using the X-Pac® or Lite Skin® fabrics, such as Peak Performance, are nominated for the Carryology awards. Those occurrences show the increased popularity of the X-Pac® and Lite Skin® fabrics in several types of bags.

Adidas Future Roll-Top Backpack

The Adidas Future Roll-Top Backpack is made with our X-Pac® fabric. The backpack is said to be “a premium pack built for daily use” that “fuses futuristic style with supreme functionality. The roll-top bag is both durable and waterproof.” Adidas refers to Dimension-Polyant’s X-Pac® fabric as “tear-resistant” and they say it “brings a unique look and feel to the design.” The backpack exists in bold gold and in black.

Adidas also has a larger Future Roll-Top Backpack in its range.

Finally, the Future Waist Bag by Adidas is made with the same X-Pac® fabric and it has the same look and feel as the previously mentioned packs.

Carryology awards

Carryology is a website that discusses new and better ways to carry things. A large community gives feedback and shares their knowledge on carry goods. Each year, they celebrate the best carry goods available with their Annual Carry Awards. The website’s readers can vote on their favourite bags across 14 categories.
In total, 13 packs and bags of different brands for which the Dimension-Polyant’s X-Pac® or Lite Skin® fabrics are used, are nominated for the Eighth Annual Carry Awards.

Our Carryology nominations

Our fabrics are used by all the nominated brands below.

Best Everyday Bag category

  • Utility Day Pack, a collaboration between Haven and Porter Yoshida & Co
  • Daybreaker by Able Carry
  • AXIOM 24 Pack by Triple Aught Design
  • FRT Rucksack by VORMANN
  • Ben Gorman Backpack by Peak Performance
  • R103 ADV SR by ORBIT Gear

Best Sling Bag

  • DAYFARER Active Sling by Modern Dayfarer
  • ANEX LINER by Code of Bell

Best active Messenger Bag

  • M100 Config System 2 by ORBITGear
  • BRAVO 18 by Remote Equipment
  • Snap Sacoche by UNJOE

Best Camera bag

  • Pro Camera Sling by Instinct

Best Active backpack

  • XO Alpine by Built To Send

Peak Performance

The well-known Swedish Peak Performance uses Dimension-Polyant’s Lite Skin® fabric for its Ben Gorman Backpack.

Lite Skin® is a composite that has a non-woven, nevertheless structured textile surface that provides increased abrasion resistance at a minimal weight gain. The Lite Skin® is further accented with an opaque finish that virtually eliminates the traditional paneled sail appearance, delivering a sleek visual look. It is 100% waterproof and provides a good abrasion resistance.

X-Pac® fabrics

Dimension-Polyant’s line of X-Pac® is a direct descendant of DP’s sailcloth and utilizes much of the same technologies: lightweight, high tensile strength, great tear resistance and dimensional stability. X-Pac® ‘s unique laminated construction results in an inherently waterproof fabric.

The uniqueness of the fabric is in its layers. It has 3-4 layers that are laminated together instead of just one layer with PU Coating. The layers are:

  1. A DWR water repellent coating, woven Nylon face fabric for abrasion resistance;
  2. An X-PLY® polyester yarn insert for bias stability and tear strength;
  3. A clear film for waterproof and stretch control and;
  4. A woven polyester backing for seam strength and durability.

For its weight, the X-Pac® fabric is stronger and has a lower stretch than any other available fabric and it is always waterproof. PU Coatings are initially water resistant but not waterproof. As the PU absorbs water, the gear and clothing inside the pack will get wet. In addition, as the PU breaks down over time, it will peel off the inside of the pack.

Instead of PU, Dimension-Polyant uses a special formula of polyester resin, which does not absorb water, or break down over time. This proprietary resin formula was developed over many years of making the best sailcloth in the world.


Dimension-Polyant creates high-quality sailcloth for sailmakers and sailors all over the world. It's the consistently high, professional, innovative and consistently stable standard in the sailing industry.