Discover our new CSR website

Sioen now has a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility website where you can find all actions Sioen is involved in. Those are sponsorships, sustainable products, the organisations we are part of, the certificates we hold, etc.

Welcome! We’re extremely proud to show you the new Sioen Corporate Social Responsibility website.

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the responsibility a company has when it comes to the effects they have on society, taking into account social, environmental and economic considerations into the overall management (source).

Obviously, the homepage provides an overview of the new website and what’s more, it includes a video message of our company CEO, Michèle Sioen.

A first approach is the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN has defined 17 SDGs that are linked to 169 targets. Examples are: No poverty (SDG 1), Responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) and Climate action (SDG 13).

We are also using the 5 Ps, which is based on the Triple Bottom Line (People, Prosperity and Planet) and two new Ps have been added: Peace and Partnerships.

Further, we have established Sioen Focal Points. These are challenges that get extra attention: Energy, Waste, Sustainable products, Credentials and Human Resources.

Finally, our certificates, memberships and awards prove our engagement towards CSR. Have a look at the overview.

The Action tab will give you an overview of all the CSR-related things we do. Click the “Read more” button to find out more about a certain action. Some actions even include videos. Have you already tested the filters? If you want to find a certain type of action, you can filter according to the different approaches: SDGs, Ps or Sioen priorities.

Have a look at the new CSR website and discover it yourself.