Extra protection with Sioen filter for mouth mask

The Belgian government will soon provide filters to put in your mouth mask. The intention is to insert the filter in mouth masks that people make themselves (https://makefacemasks.com/) or in mouth masks that provide an opening for a filter cloth.

Sioen, one of the world market leaders in technical textiles, won the tender for 6 million filters.

100% Belgian

Sioen's technical premium product is 100% Belgian. The filter cloth is produced in Liège at the Sioen group's needle felt plant, Sioen Technical Felts. Cutting takes place at Coatex, the Sioen site in Poperinge, using high-performance cutting machines.

Packaging is also a 100% Belgian affair, for which the Sioen group relies on Belgian partners.

Technically superior

The material (non-wovens) of which the filter is made belongs to the category of technical textiles. Both the material and the masks are subjected to standardised tests that test, among other things, its bacterial filtration efficiency, its breathability, its resistance to flow splashes, its microbial cleanliness and biocompatibility. A whole series of difficult words that the ordinary citizen has no knowledge of but that make the difference between life and death.

The aim of the filter is to provide the highest possible level of protection without compromising usability. The filter is machine washable at 60°C (using a program that takes at least 30 minutes) but also sterilisable with a 10-minute program at 100°C.

Our researchers and developers work every day to make better and stronger technical textiles, in order to improve protection. It’s not without reason that our company slogan is: "protection through innovation".

In our non-woven plants, we produce special needle felt based on different raw filter materials in different weights and thicknesses.