Further expansion in the USA & South America

With the acquisition of James Dewhurst (reinforcement scrims) and Dimension Polyant (sailcloth), we’ve reinforced our presence in the USA the past few years. It is our firm ambition to grow even more in the Americas, especially with our coated technical textiles.

Our USA team at IFAI

As you could read in our newsflash of March of this year, we’ve expanded our sales team for direct coated technical textiles in the US with 4 textile specialists. Together they can boast more than 50 years of textile experience in the markets Sioen is targeting. Being present at professional trade fairs has always been one of the best ways in penetrating a market. The newfound USA team will be present at IFAI (International Fabrics Association International) fair in Orlando, a tradeshow where textile professionals join the trendsetters and textile manufacturers.

Multitude of applications

We are a world market leading producer of coated technical textiles for a wide array of applications. For the USA, we believe there is still room for growth in several markets. Our technical textiles can make the difference in weight, between life or death, in protection, reinforcement and design. And this for many industries and applications. At the IFAI fair we will display the textile solutions apt for the American continent:

  • Durable tarps for vans, tippers and trailers
  • Industry welding curtains
  • ABUV treated pool and boat covers
  • Awnings for vans, caravans and trailers
  • Textiles for sports mats for MMA, gymnastics, judo, pole jump, …
  • Membranes for biogas installations, manure storage and transportation
  • Solar and weather protection for pergolas
  • Sailcloth
  • Advanced technical fabrics: leveraging advanced fiber placement and lamination for industrial applications. Ultralight pack frabics, lighting fabrics, drumheads, ski/surf reinfocements
  • Performance textiles for tents, façade, airdomes and (semi-)permanent structures (commonly referred to as tensile architecture).

Focus on Fluoscrim

The innovative membrane Fluoscrim of the Sioen collection is a viable and more affordable alternative for PTFE. The technical characteristics of the Fluoscrim membrane can stand comparison with the high specs of PTFE. Fluoscrim is unique in its kind and cannot be found at any other membrane supplier. It is an exclusive translucent solution by Sioen.

We use innovative processes for the creation of this new Fluoscrim product. The material excels in its dimensional stability, solar performance, ease of transformation and confection to unlock new architectural landscape freedom featuring advanced climate control.

Building with textiles requires lots of know-how, engineering skills, in-depth textile knowledge and tons of experience. Sioen can offer all of that, due to our 360° textile tradition since 1907. As a textile solution provider, we have all the steps of the production value chain in house: spinning, weaving, and coating of technical textiles, including the production of the fine chemicals that seal the membranes. All this knowledge combined, assures you of the best quality membrane for all your tensile structures. Ranging from the smallest carport solar protection unit, up to gigantic and technically demanding structures.

Focus on sailcloth technology

Sioen’s Dimension-Polyant is recognized as the global market leader in sailcloth manufacturing, which has allowed the company to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge to produce highly specialized, bespoke technical fabrics. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, novel solutions are created every day. From yarn preparation, to weaving, coating, off-axis fiber placement, lamination and laboratory work DP has complete control of the manufacturing process. DP has the knowledge and resources to be recognized as the leader in revolutionary technical fabric production across a diverse range of industries.

Whether at the front of the fleet, or the top of Everest, Dimension-Polyant promises to deliver uncompromising quality - Innovation guaranteed.

At IFAI 2019, Dimension-Polyant will showcase:

  • X-Pac™: DP’s renowned, multilayer laminated pack fabric.
  • X-PLY® Veil : DP’s revolutionary ultra-light composite reinforcement
  • SCN – Silicone Coated Nylon: DP’s unique coated fabrics with outstanding low-friction properties

For more information on the brands of Sioen, please visit www.dimension-polyant.com, www.coatex.be and www.sioentechnicaltextiles.com.
Visit us at IFAI in Orlando, stand 1923 from October 1th until 4th