Gert & Gilles in the Masters double

Sioen is everywhere! Two Sioen employees can fully endorse this. Gilles and Gert played - and won - the West Flanders tennis masters this weekend, even though they had never met before.

Gert Decock (47) has been Sales Manager at Sioen's Apparel Division for 12 years. Professional protective clothing is his daily occupation. In his spare time, Gert is a seasoned tennis player. He used to score high on singles tournaments, but now he only focuses on doubles (65 points) after a knee injury.

Gilles Evrard (23) has only just joined Sioen. Fresh out of school, he started as a Junior Buyer in the Coating division’s purchasing department. He is working his way through the wonderful world of technical textiles. He is also a gifted tennis player (25 points).

They got to know each other by chance, and even outside of work. Last summer, both men played their hearts out in the regularity criterium and were selected for the West Flemish Masters. Fate brought them together as double partners. They were both pleasantly surprised about their "blind date" and are looking forward to their next challenge: the Masters at national level.

We wish them good luck!