In search of young potentials

On Thursday 21nd of March, we are exhibiting at Kortrijk Expo (Belgium) on the Jobhappening. This is an organization of the city of Kortrijk, together with local high schools and universities (Howest, Leuven Kulak, UGent Campus Kortrijk and VIVES). Students can get in touch with companies and organizations and consult vacancies.

Nurturing young people

At Sioen, innovation is our top priority in order to realize profitable growth. In our headquarters in West-Flanders (Belgium) and in our more than 20 plants around the globe, we’re in search of people to help make this happen.

We offer young students internships, guided tours in our plants, personalized assistance with their thesis, hands-on help with the execution of their projects and after their education we offer them jobs.

During fairs, company visits and lectures, we want to activate their young and innovative minds to find solutions for real-life problems. In the end, that’s what we at Sioen are doing constantly. Our textile solutions are smart and bring an answer to today's challenges. We believe young people can contribute to some major challenges of society. We invite them to join us in working towards:

  • Secure societies
  • Green and integrated transport
  • Stronger and more durable technical textiles
  • Sustainable products and new design
  • Smart transport and protection of goods
  • Sustainable food supplies and green energy
  • Efficiency and sustainable production processes

Great ambitions and convincing results

We are a stock quoted international group with firm roots in West-Flanders (Belgium). We are a world market leader in the production of specialized yarns, fibers, woven fabrics, nonwovens, coated technical textiles, coloring solutions and professional protective clothing. A wide range of products, that have technicity as their common denominator. You can find our products in every aspect of your life, 24/7 and wherever you are. Some examples, we produce:

  • Scrims that keep your bathroom tiles together
  • Backings of your carpet or floor
  • Reinforcement scrims in concrete and plaster in your walls
  • Protective textiles of your mattress cover
  • Textiles for your dashboard, car seat, airbag and many other textile parts of your car/bus/truck/plane
  • Coated technical textiles for side curtains and roofs of trucks
  • Geotextiles to construct the roads you drive on
  • Textiles for sports mats, jumping pillows, boat covers, sails for sailboats, bags for hiking and many more sports related textiles
  • Membranes for tents and tensile architecture ranging from small “beer tents”, over huge party and festival tents to airports and other impressive buildings.
  • Textiles, films and sheets for growing the food you eat. Examples: textile protection of fish tanks, greenhouse foils, birds cage protection, biogas installations, blade protection while harvesting crops, …
  • Professional protective garments for everyone producing all the above and more.
  • And garments and textiles for any emergency service imaginable (police, ambulance, fire fighters, private security, army, NGO’s, red cross, …)

We’re proud to announce that our annual results of 2018 were historic. We exceeded the half billion-euro turnover and it is our firm ambition to keep on growing.

Do you want to join us in our journey into this future?