Masters in railway solutions

From March 26th until the 28th, we will be present at Sifer TradeFair in Lille(France). This international event attracts stakeholders from across all sectors of the railway industry. As a producer of technical textiles for train wagons, geotextiles that are used to build the rail beddings and the garments workers wear to do that, we are one of the major players in the industry. The biannual fair takes place in Lille, in the heart of the French railway industry

Transport is key

The transportation industry has always been one of the major markets of Sioen. Through the years, we’ve been specialising in solutions for freight and passenger transportation. With products such as technical textiles for truck side curtains, tarpaulins for lorries and trailers, reinforced stabilising roofs for trailers, safety and security solutions and separation walls, we are a world leading supplier to the truck and train transportation industry.

In addition, we supply the automotive industry and the industry of public passenger transportation with semi-finished technical textiles, felt, films and sheets for airbags, dashboards, sun visors, door panels, seats, trunk covers, rolling curtains, trunk liners, steering wheels, hinges, insulation material and many more.

Moreover, we offer nonwovens and scrims for the construction of the roads and rail beds both cars, trains and trucks drive on. This year, we’ve invested in an extra production facility, to keep up with the high demand of this market. We also offer tailor made cutting, slitting and welding for the transportation industry. To top it all, we are producing the garments for the workers that produce all these vehicules and that are constructing the roads and railways.

Making the difference

Sioen is a textile innovator, always looking further and digging into the complex challenges that we face every day. For the railway industry, we’re constantly searching for innovative solutions for the daily concerns of the business. Some examples:

  • Rail covers made of textiles that are fit for the transportation of hot steel
  • or for the transportation of food where food approved technical textiles are a must for the transportation of liquids.
  • Integrating extra safety and security features in the textiles, ranging from light steel wired tarpaulins to integrated smart anti-intrusion systems
  • An array of geosynthetics such as non-woven geotextiles, woven and laid geogrids for separation, filtration and reinforcement purposes
  • Certified garments for railway workers with a smart layering system (ILS).

Visit us at our stand at Sifer from 26th to 28th of March included.