New geomembrane E15 saves the planet.

4 years ago, with the acquisition of Manifattura Fontana, an Italian specialist in geotextiles, Sioen has put itself on the map in the field of geomembranes and -textiles. The extra inhouse market knowledge lead to several new developments in other companies of the textile group. Today, we’re proud to launch the Sioline E15 geomembranes, a strong example of vertical integration.

Why chose E15

The Sioline E15 geomembranes for containment and protection against acids, oils, methane, and alkalis have a high strength and are chemical resistant. They are a 1000 gr/m² PVC-Elvaloy mixture and are used in landfills, wastewater treatment, tanks, ponds, secondary containment and oil barriers.

  • The E15 geomembranes are all classified as a PVC–Ethylene interpolymer alloy.
  • The E15 grades combine high strength and chemical resistance for maximum resistance against temperature, a broad chemical range including acids, oils and methane.
  • The heat and HF welded seams have higher seam strength than the tensile forces of the fabric (4cm weld) . Pre-welded sheets are available.
  • Excellent stability with low thermal expansion or contraction.

The E15 geomembrane comes in 2 versions:

  1. Non FR – E1510
  2. FR – E1512 for applications where flame retardant grades are mandatory.

Blend and technology

With 60 years of coating technology and a strategy of vertical integration, we’re continuously investing in every aspect of geomembranes. This results in a vast range of technical textiles and membranes that fit the purpose.

Our vertical integration allows us to easily engineer a geomembrane to our customer’s needs.

  • We spin the yarns ourselves,
  • have more than 500 weaving looms,
  • make the coating layer ourselves
  • and have all the coating technologies in house.

Our performant R&D teams in every step of the value chain and additional central R&D that has a helicopter view on things, contributes to highly the success of the E15. The best yarns were developed and woven into high performant, high strength base fabric. Then, a special paste mixture was developed to apply on the fabric during the coating process. One of the elements there is the Elvaloy copolymer that enhances the characteristics of other resins, making them more durable, more flexible, and longer lasting.

Strong geotextile expertise of the Sioen group

The Sioen group has a huge fund of skills and expertise in the domain of geotextiles and geomembranes for civil engineering:

Manifattura Fontana: Added value geotextiles. Synthetic geotextile non-wovens for the civil engineering market. Tailored solutions according to the specs of the customers. Circular low-impact production.

Sioline: Coated technical textiles. Coated technical textiles in mainly Polyester/PVC combinations with a wide variety of varnishes and embossings. The Sioline B6060, B6061 and B6160 are suitable alternatives for the E15 in some cases.

Sioen calandering: TPO and PVC films and sheets for pond liners and geoliners amongst others. Our products are mainly tailor-made, according to the specs of the customer.

James Dewhurst: High performance engineered reinforcement scrims for flooring, roofing , non woven products, filtration fabrics and wind turbine blade reinforcement. Manufacturing capabilities in laid and woven scrim, lamination to non-woven substrates. World leading output capacity and widths up to 5.2m.

Sioen spinning: Tailor-made polyester high-tenacity yarns. The yarns can be supplied untwisted, twisted and plied with yarn counts from 245dTex up to 150.000 dTex. We produce yarns with special properties such as adhesion activation, flame retardant, spun-dyed,… R&D and innovation driven, we develop and find the right PES yarn for any specific application. In-house recycling.

Sioen weaving: High performance woven technical textiles in a wide range of raw materials such as polyester, polyamide, para-aramid, meta- aramid, polypropylene, polyethylene, Nomex, and others… Monofilaments, multi-filaments as well as spun fibres and adhesion activated yarns. Our fabrics are tailored to the specs of our customers.