Sioen with Greentexx® at NOA Outdoor Living

On 20, 24, 25, 26 and 27 October you will find us at the festive opening of the NOA Outdoor Living experience center in Kruisem (Belgium). We are a proud partner of this unique outdoor living project and are happy to show the textiles of the future.

Greentexx®, the next big thing in construction

If this seems like a bold statement to you, then we would like to convince you. Greentexx® is a composite for vertical gardens. It is a composition of several layers of textile on which plants grow. The advantages why you would offer yourself a Greentexx® green wall as a gift are countless:

  • In uncertain times like these, where energy prices are skyrocketing, a Greentexx® green wall helps to reduce your costs. A planted Greentexx® green wall provides acoustic and thermal insulation. This way your house, apartment or office stays cool in the summer and keeps the heat inside during winter. Greentexx® is also an interesting solution as a noise barrier in cities or along busy roads.

  • Indoor and outdoor air quality improves significantly. After all, plants absorb CO2 and fine dust from their environment.

  • If you place them outside, Greentexx® vertical gardens are beacons full of life: flowers attract pollinators such as bees, bumblebees, and butterflies. This is how you support the urban ecosystem. Long live biodiversity!

  • A Greentexx® vertical gardens improves your well-being. With plants you create a soothing, pleasant environment where people live and work better. Research shows that exposure to greenery improves children's attention and cognitive functioning at school. For office workers, a green view and plants in the office provide microremediation opportunities, resulting in higher effectiveness and job satisfaction.

  • Greentexx® reduces heat stress. In summer, the green places are cooler and therefore more pleasant compared to conventional (gray) urban environments. Greentexx® vertical garden have been shown to reduce the perceived temperature (WBGT) by 5°C. Planting vegetation is one of the most important strategies to reduce the so-called urban heat island effect. Our collaboration with the University of Antwerp shows that Greentexx® vertical gardens reduces heat stress in two ways. First, it acts as a "green skin" with extra cavity for buildings and it prevents the sunlight from hitting the walls directly, reducing the heat in the walls. Secondly, plants and irrigation will cause water to evaporate, which in turn has an additional cooling effect compared to conventional walls.

There are also numerous advantages for the installer and architect:

  • Because Greentexx® is a flexible textile, you can easily make both straight and curved walls with it. An architect can therefore design in all shapes and sizes.

  • For the same reason, and because Greentexx® is supplied on rolls, the installation is much faster.

  • The pockets in which you put the plants are precuts, so you plant Greentexx® in record time.

  • Greentexx® exists in a number of standard sizes for smaller panels - which allow pre-cultivation in the greenhouse - but we also make everything to measure in our own workshops.

  • There are several ways to mount on Greentexx®: in an aluminum frame, a wooden frame and smaller pieces can even be directly against the wall because of the waterproof back of the Greentexx® composite.

  • Greentexx® comes with the fire certificates B-s2-d0 and C-s2-d0 (according to test standard: EN ISO 11925-2:2020 & EN 13823:2020 & welding standard: EN 13501-1:2018) making them suitable for façade elements and even along evacuation routes in buildings.

  • Greentexx® comes with a 10 year warranty.

Greentexx® in the NOA Outdoor Living experience centre

In the NOA experience centre you can see 3 applications of the Greentexx® green wall from 20 October onwards:

  1. Greentexx® for commercial buildings:

You can't miss it. The 500 m² Greentexx® green wall against the façade of Renson's new production plant is more than just an eye-catcher. From the motorway you can see this beautiful green wall shining from afar. 60 meters long and 8 meters high. So much better than another bare concrete factory? Read more about this project on our website.

  1. Greentexx® in a residential setting

Once on site, you will find a Greentexx® green wall of 16 meters wide and 3 meters high in the residential zone. Living outside is so much more pleasant when you are surrounded by a little greenery! Here you can recharge your batteries.

  1. Greentexx® as for home or office

Inside the experience centre, the Greentexx® green wall serves as a visual and acoustic fence between spaces. The Greentexx® wall of 2.6 by 2.6 meters planted on two sides is freestanding and the solution if you want to make a separation in a room, at your home or office.

Be further inspired by the many examples of applications and references on our website.

NOA Outdoor living room

31 high end outdoor brands that work together under the name 'NOA outdoor living'. In the brand new 'NOA outdoor experience center' in Kruisem, Belgium, you can experience the high-end outdoor life as a 'total experience'.

Sioen is there together with Alpha Wellness Sensations, Amani Spaces, Axor, Bega, Bord de mer, Carpentier, Coco Wolf, Corradi, eSafe, Extremis, Limited Edition, Vandemoortel, Duofuse, Royal Botania, Kreon, Petac, Caerus, Ofyr, Renson, Schellevis and Van den Berk. All brands that manufacture products that make outdoor living just that little bit better.

We are part of that beautiful "ark of NOA", to give the visitors of the experience centre the best experience of what outdoor living can or could mean for them. You see a wide array of possibilities and will definitely find the inspiration for your outdoor project.

Sioen Industries group

Greentexx® is a product range of the Sioen Industries group. We are a world leader in the production of technical textiles, protective clothing and colouring solutions. Our head office is located in Belgium, with production units in more than 20 countries. The annual turnover is approximately 700 million €.

Our products can be found in more than 30 000 applications. They make a difference in everyone's daily life.

Our portfolio includes:

  1. Fabrics for blinds, sliding curtains for trucks, teabags, airbags, conveyor belts, tents, sports mats, tarpaulin, filters, road construction, tunnels, etc. The list is long and offers an answer to many challenges facing our society.

  2. Professional protective clothing that protects against any risk, in any circumstance. Our clothing protects people in demanding professions such as firefighters, police, construction, foresters, soldiers, car manufacturers, divers, emergency services, ... and much more.

  3. Colour solutions for polymers, epoxies, silicones and other materials.

Our customers can build on Sioen's technical skills that include a 360° vision of textiles, from yarn and fibers to fabrics to finished products.

Contacts for this press release

  • Miek Naessens, CMO:; +32 51 740 922

  • Benny Pycke, Product Manager GreenTexx®:; +32 (0)51 741 516.