SYNQ® by Sioen: the birth of a new workwear brand

Sioen launches a completely new brand of professional workwear. Starting from Spring 2024, SYNQ® is ready to team up with passionate professionals, offering them high-quality and robust workwear with the right fit, features, look and protection. “This new brand is the perfect addition to the Sioen Apparel ‘House of Brands’ and will enable our company to provide a complete outfit for every single professional on the work floor”, Bart Vervaecke, CEO of Sioen Apparel, proudly states.

True to our commitment to be a clothing solution provider that offers protective clothing for every worker, we decided to expand our range with a new brand. The objective? To offer protective, robust and comfortable workwear to modern professionals in a broad range of businesses, including crafts, construction and industry. Workwear that is perfectly in sync with their needs and workday: SYNQ workwear was born.

SYNQ, short for “synchronise” is a verb for making things work together. That is what SYNQ workwear aims to do: teaming up with passionate professionals. Offering them a complete range of comfortable work trousers, matching knitwear and items specifically suitable for rain & cold protection. So they can focus on their passion and skills. Without worries.

To be perfectly in sync with the needs of various professionals, industries and companies, the new SYNQ workwear brand is launching with no less than 50 different products, presented in 3 clear workwear collections. Thanks to the compatible designs, coherent colours and corresponding size ranges, the three collections allow for an easy mix & match, enabling professionals, teams and even entire companies to easily assemble the perfect work outfit.
The SYNQ & SCORE collection excels through its broad product range consisting of all ‘core’ workwear items needed to dress up entire teams. The SYNQ & STRETCH collection is all about liberty of movement and sports with additional 4-way stretch Cordura® inserts in key movement areas. Finally, the SYNQ & SAFE collection offers all EN ISO 20471 certified protection you need to be highly visible at work.

The long-standing Sioen reputation as the leading company in professional protective clothing and the extensive internal and external testing guarantee the great Quality of SYNQ workwear, the durable mechanical and 4-way stretch fabrics, conveniently placed pockets, perfectly tailored fittings, … make for great Qomfort. Where possible, the materials used in SYNQ workwear are partially or completely made of recycled materials which is exemplary for how both the brand and the company take their aQountability. And finally: the modern designs and stylish colours assure professionals of a stunning looQ.

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