The Airtube, our way to prevent ice from sliding off trailer roofs en route

The Airtube is the result of a common development between Coatex, part of Sioen, and Pneutec. The product creates a pointed roof shape that prevents the accumulation of water on the roof. Having no water on the roof means that ice can’t be formed in cold weather conditions. Thanks to the Airtube, accidents with ice falling from trailers are prevented.

Severe winter weather conditions come with various risks for road safety. Apart from the risk of skidding, ice might slide off a trailer roof and cause traffic accidents. In many countries, truck drivers and fleet owners are obliged to actively prevent those accidents from happening. As safety is our main concern, we are involved in preventing personal injury and damage to your possessions.

The Airtube

The Airtube is an inflatable tube that is installed between the roof beams and the trailer tarpaulin. While being parked, a driver can manually or fully automatically inflate the Airtube. With this action, a pointed roof is created, preventing water accumulation on the roof. When there is no water on the roof, no ice can be formed and accidents are prevented.

Airtube is a patented product that has only three components: a PU hose, the Airtube itself and a control unit. It is economical and easy to install. The hose fills with compressed air as soon as the Airtube is activated.

It only takes 2.5 minutes to inflate the Airtube, creating a shape that allows water to run down the sides of the trailer. By pushing a button or by using a handle, the driver can deflate the Airtube and can continue his way.

Good reasons to use an Airtube

Every transport company wants to deliver the goods on time and without any accidents or damage. It is less time consuming, as drivers no longer have to clear the ice themselves and they are less stopped by police officers. Of course, not worrying about causing accidents, will decrease your drivers’ stress levels. In addition, it will take much longer for the roof tarpaulin to wear, as no water is collected on the roof.


Pneutec is a specialist in the area of motion control with pneumatics, vacuum, fluid control and deceleration technology. Using these techniques, they develop and create innovative opportunities for their customers. Pneutec is part of Aalberts.