People want to secure and protect themselves and their property. Protection, shelter, security, safekeeping, safeguarding. Words that define this need translated at Sioen into intelligent solutions for safety and protection.

We are continously developing products that reply to the increasing safety needs, protecting people and protecting property. The concept of security is both rational and in the mind. In both cases, protection is necessary.

Protection through innovation: creating added value

All this translates at Sioen into intelligent solutions for safety and protection It’s no coincidence that our company slogan is ‘protection through innovation’. We already produce countless products that guarantee safety. But here too we want to go a step further. Developing high tech protective clothing such as Torskin slash protection, fire fighters clothing, Forestry and Arboriculture Outfitters. For more examples, visit our dedicated apparel website.

We use our knowledge and expertise to continually develop new products. Having our own test labs, ballistic laboratory and research centres allows us to quickly and adequately respond to the needs of the market.The themes of the future here are: - Arc protection - riot suits and body armour - camouflage -integrated features.