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Here at Sioen, we’re more than just textiles; we’re a family crafting safety and reliability into every thread. Our passion for protection ensures everyone from firefighters to everyday heroes feels secure. With every innovation, we strive to contribute positively, ensuring our products stand for trust and durability. Together, we’re stitching a safer future for all.

Protection through Innovation

Innovation fuels our mission at Sioen, driving us beyond the boundaries of traditional textiles. We're not just creating; we're innovating with purpose, embedding sustainability and advanced technology into every fibre. Our promise of "protection through innovation" reflects a dedication to exceed the ordinary, championing advancements that inspire change and set new benchmarks worldwide.





Our values sit at the heart of everything we do at Sioen:
- Passioenate together
- Entrepreneurial & Solution-oriented
- Innovation-driven

These define us and drive us toward who we want to become. Passion is our energy, pushing us to question the usual and strive for better, together. Solutions are always on our mind and keep us moving forward at pace. Innovation steers us, encouraging us to discover and create new paths. Together, these values create an environment empowering us to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Our History

Starting in 1960, Sioen has grown from a family venture into a global leader in technical textiles and protective clothing, weaving our values of innovation and excellence into a rich history.

Our Corporate Governance principles

Our governance principles ensure transparency, accountability, and integrity, guiding us towards responsible leadership and ethical business practices. All in line with the Belgian Corporate Governance Code.

Our brands

Sioen's diverse brands showcase our expertise across various sectors, from protective wear to technical textiles. Each brand is a promise of innovation, quality, and sustainability, inviting you to discover solutions that protect and enhance both goods and lives.

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