Our scrims are specifically engineered to support and strengthen a variety of applications in industry and construction. These robust fabrics are essential for enhancing the structural integrity of products ranging from roofing materials, which benefit from added durability and weather resistance, to pool liners that require enhanced protection against tears and environmental stress. In lamination processes, our scrims contribute an essential reinforcement layer that increases the durability and stability of laminated materials. Our approach involves close collaboration with clients to tailor scrim solutions that meet specific needs, ensuring each product excels in performance and reliability.


Sioen's scrims are vital for roofing, enhancing durability and resistance to the elements. They prevent tearing and reinforce membranes, boosting roof longevity and protection against leaks and weather damage.


Scrims are essential in pools, strengthening liners and covers against tears and punctures. Built to endure chemicals and UV exposure, they help pool materials last longer and require less upkeep, ensuring pool owners benefit from greater durability.


In lamination, scrims add a key reinforcement layer, boosting the strength and lifespan of laminated items. They enhance stability, ward off delamination, and help the product endure stress and wear, crucial for both industrial and consumer uses.

Medical Wipes

Scrims play a pivotal role in producing medical wipes, providing the needed durability without compromising gentleness for medical use. Their design aids in efficient liquid absorption, making the wipes more effective for cleaning and disinfecting. The inclusion of scrims adds strength, preventing the wipes from falling apart during use.

Impact Board

Impact boards with scrims are indispensable for industries requiring surfaces that can withstand significant stress and force, such as sports, construction, and transportation. These scrims provide a vital reinforcement layer, enhancing the boards' strength and resistance to physical impacts. Embedded within the board material, they ensure even distribution of force, preventing cracks or breaks under pressure and thereby extending the boards' lifespan.

Adhesive Tapes

Scrim-reinforced adhesive tapes are indispensable for applications demanding high tensile strength and durability in industrial, construction, and household settings. The embedded scrims boost resistance to tearing and stretching, ensuring the tape remains intact and effective, even on surfaces that move or bear weight.


Scrims play a vital role in enhancing structural integrity, noise reduction, and thermal management in the automotive industry. They reinforce various components, including interior panels, underbody shields, and acoustic insulation, thereby boosting their durability and performance.


Integrating scrims into packaging enhances material durability and tear resistance, crucial for safely transporting goods. This is especially important for heavy or fragile items, ensuring protection during transit and reducing the risk of damage.