Protective clothing

At Sioen, we are dedicated to protecting you against any risk, no matter the circumstance. Our extensive range of protective clothing includes workwear, firefighters' garments, body armor, life jackets, dry suits, and chainsaw protection gear. Each product is engineered with precision, leveraging advanced materials and technology to offer maximum safety and durability. This comprehensive lineup ensures that professionals across all fields have the protection they need to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

Protective workwear

Our protective workwear is designed to keep you safe in any environment, from industrial workplaces to outdoor conditions. Our extensive range includes everything from comfortable workwear for low-risk areas to specialised gear for extreme weather and multinorm clothing essential for safety in high-risk zones. Each piece combines advanced materials and innovative designs to meet rigorous safety standards and support professionals in performing their jobs securely and effectively.

Fire fighting clothing

Sioen is a leading name in firefighter clothing, known for its comprehensive approach that encompasses everything from fabric engineering to maintenance. Our goal is to help firefighters excel with suits that are tailor-made to the specific needs and preferences of each fire department. Through relentless focus on research and development, adherence to safety standards, and responsiveness to evolving safety trends, we've become the market leader in Europe.

Maritime protective clothing

We offer an extensive range of maritime protective clothing for optimal safety in aquatic settings. Our products include life jackets with advanced inflation systems for emergency buoyancy, flotation suits that provide warmth and visibility for recovery in water, and immersion suits certified for harsh marine and cold conditions. Additionally, Ursuit® drysuits are perfect for both professional and recreational water activities, providing durability and protection for divers, rescue teams, and marine enthusiasts alike. Each item is engineered to meet strict safety standards, ensuring reliable protection across a variety of marine environments.

Military and ballistic protection

Sioen Industries provides comprehensive military and ballistic protection solutions tailored to meet the safety needs of law enforcement, military personnel, and security industries. Our range includes advanced tactical gear, helmets, shields, and ballistic accessories designed for maximum protection and functionality in critical situations.

Forestry and arboriculture clothing

Sioen specialises in outfitting professionals with high-quality gear designed to protect against the specific risks associated with forestry work. From chainsaw operators to tree climbers, our products provide essential protection against potential injuries, enhancing safety without compromising on mobility and comfort.

Outdoor and lifestyle

Sioen crafts exceptional clothing for outdoor and lifestyle enthusiasts, covering activities from hunting and fishing to gardening and equestrian sports. Our range is designed for those who enjoy the great outdoors, whether they're on a leisurely hike or engaging in more rigorous activities. Each piece combines style with functionality, ensuring durability, comfort, and weather resistance, making it perfect for any adventure nature throws your way.