Protective workwear

Our protective workwear is designed to keep you safe in any environment, from industrial workplaces to outdoor conditions. Our extensive range includes everything from comfortable workwear for low-risk areas to specialised gear for extreme weather and multinorm clothing essential for safety in high-risk zones. Each piece combines advanced materials and innovative designs to meet rigorous safety standards and support professionals in performing their jobs securely and effectively.


Our SYNQ workwear is designed with the modern professional in mind, providing robust and comfortable protection for professionals in various industries such as construction, warehouse/logistics, infrastructure,... It perfectly meets the needs of your workday, blending safety, functionality, looks and comfort to support you in every task.

Rain and cold

Our rain and cold gear offers robust protection for every kind of weather and every season. Crafted to keep outdoor professionals dry, warm, and comfortable, this extensive weatherproof range ensures top performance under any conditions. The well-reputed Flexothane® brand, for instance, is known all over Europe for its excellent protection against wind and rain.

High visibility

High visibility clothing is vital in environments such as construction sites, roadside work zones, and industries where visibility is crucial to prevent accidents. Wearing high visibility gear in these settings ensures workers are always visible, greatly reducing the risk of accidents. This type of clothing is designed to make workers stand out with fluorescent colours and reflective materials, enhancing safety in potentially hazardous work areas.


Our multi-norm workwear blends top-notch protection with comfort, designed to meet the latest safety standards. It shields against various risks like flames, welding sparks, arc flashover, static electricity, and chemical splashes. This workwear ensures everyday safety in the workplace without sacrificing comfort, making it ideal for environments with multiple hazards.

Cold storage and food

Working in cold environments demands protective clothing that combats cold stress while maintaining comfort and mobility. Our cold and storage workwear is tailored for extreme temperatures, providing layers of insulation that trap warm air and preserve body heat effectively. Key features include moisture-wicking base layers, insulating middle layers, and protective outer layers with thermal properties. Designed to meet EN 342 standards, our gear ensures you stay protected against frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold-induced risks, making it essential for anyone facing the harsh conditions of outdoor or refrigerated environments.