Your choice for Sioen should not only be motivated by our decades of expertise in textile solutions. Nor by our high product quality resulting from the passion for our trade, constant innovations, and stringent solution-oriented work. It's the fact that we combine three distinct divisions under one roof - making us a market leader - and are able to offer you the fabrics or textiles you need for your specific application in the form you need it.

Technical textiles

At Sioen, we create technical textiles designed for specific tasks across various industries like transport, industry and construction. Our range includes advanced yarns, woven and non-woven fabrics known for their strength and flexibility, coated textiles for extra protection, and scrims for reinforcement. We also make films and sheets, along with laminates and composites, blending materials for even stronger solutions.

Colouring solutions

At Sioen, we specialise in creating custom colouring solutions for industries including printing, packaging, and decorative applications. Our state-of-the-art facility in Europe is equipped with advanced technology to produce high-quality pigment dispersions, inks, and varnishes. We handle everything from small specialty batches to large production runs with a focus on achieving perfect colour strength and consistency.

Protective clothing

At Sioen, we are dedicated to protecting you against any risk, no matter the circumstance. Our extensive range of protective clothing includes workwear, firefighters' garments, body armor, life jackets, dry suits, and chainsaw protection gear. Each product is engineered with precision, leveraging advanced materials and technology to offer maximum safety and durability. This comprehensive lineup ensures that professionals across all fields have the protection they need to perform their jobs safely and effectively.