Technical Textiles

At Sioen, we create technical textiles designed for specific tasks across various industries like transport, industry and construction. Our range includes advanced yarns, woven and non-woven fabrics known for their strength and flexibility, coated textiles for extra protection, and scrims for reinforcement. We also make films and sheets, along with laminates and composites, blending materials for even stronger solutions.

Woven fabrics

Woven technical textiles are high-performance fabrics made for jobs where function beats fashion. Made through advanced weaving processes with different fibers, these textiles are built to be strong, last long, and withstand tough conditions. These fabrics are key in industrial settings and sectors such as automotive and construction where they might reinforce structures, protect surfaces, or filter materials. Their ability to be tailored for specific needs makes them a key player in engineering and technology fields today.

Non-woven fabrics

Non-woven technical textiles are created not by weaving but by bonding fibres together in different ways. This process gives them special qualities such as absorbency, filtration, and stretch. They are vital in geotextile industries, infrastructure, and automotive because they can be adapted to meet a wide range of needs. Their adaptability and cost-effectiveness make them a go-to choice for solving specific challenges in various industries.

Coated textiles

Coated technical textiles are given an extra layer of material such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PU (polyurethane) to boost their performance and life span across many uses. This extra coating adds special features—such as water resistance, UV protection, abrasion resistance, and antimicrobial characterics. These enhanced textiles are used in automotive, marine environments, and construction outdoors. PVC coatings bring durability and strength, whereas PU coatings add a touch of flexibility and a softer texture. The great thing about these coatings is that we can tweak them to fit specific needs, providing industries with tailor-made, durable solutions for their unique challenges.


Our scrims are specifically engineered to support and strengthen a variety of applications in industry and construction. These robust fabrics are essential for enhancing the structural integrity of products ranging from roofing materials, which benefit from added durability and weather resistance, to pool liners that require enhanced protection against tears and environmental stress. In lamination processes, our scrims contribute an essential reinforcement layer that increases the durability and stability of laminated materials.Our approach involves close collaboration with clients to tailor scrim solutions that meet specific needs, ensuring each product excels in performance and reliability.

Films and sheets

Our expertise in producing films and sheets from PVC and TPO sets us apart in the technical textiles sector. Known for their durability and flexibility, these products embody our commitment to quality and versatility. Through sophisticated manufacturing techniques, we guarantee that our films and sheets uphold the highest standards, addressing the diverse requirements of our clients across multiple industries.


Our laminates lead the way in making top-notch sailcloths, racing sails, and tough outdoor gear such as backpacks. Designed to be light but incredibly strong and able to withstand harsh weather and wear, they're perfect for the sea and outdoor activities. We're committed to pushing the boundaries with our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards for durability and performance, ready for any adventure.


Our composites stand at the innovation forefront, combining materials such as self-reinforcing polypropylene and glass fabrics with advanced technologies. These materials are crafted for exceptional strength, long-lasting durability, and flexible design. Suitable for a broad range of uses, they boost the performance of products in various industries, making things such as improved weight distribution and lighter products possible.

Services & solutions

Our goal is to offer complete solutions, focusing on processing both coated and uncoated fabrics, membranes, and a variety of materials mainly for industrial purposes. Our services include precise cutting, skilled welding, careful sewing, various printing techniques and advanced complexing techniques such as lamination. By prioritising versatile and high-quality services, we aim to fulfil the varied requirements of our clients in numerous industrial sectors.