Services & solutions

Our goal is to offer complete solutions, focusing on processing both coated and uncoated fabrics, membranes, and a variety of materials mainly for industrial purposes. Our services include precise cutting, skilled welding, careful sewing, various printing techniques and advanced complexing techniques such as lamination. By prioritising versatile and high-quality services, we aim to fulfil the varied requirements of our clients in numerous industrial sectors.

Cutting Services  

We provide many different cutting services to match your project needs. Our slitting service can cut wide rolls of coated textiles down to strips between 3200 mm and 15 mm wide. For more intricate designs, our knife cutting uses special techniques to create small, detailed cuts and holes. Plus, our CO2 laser cutters can shape almost any material into the exact design you need, with the help of six unwinding stations for added precision and flexibility.

Welding services

We can weld coated fabrics, utilising both hot air and high frequency techniques to meet diverse project needs. Our hot air welding carefully adjusts heat to form durable, waterproof seals suitable for various applications. For precise and strong bonds between coated fabric sheets, we turn to high frequency welding.

Keder production

Coatex is an expert in making keders—a key component used to attach fabric tightly to frames in tents, awnings, signage, and industrial curtains. These keders are designed for strength, flexibility, and durability, ensuring a secure and waterproof connection between the fabric and its support structure.

Intrusion protection & detection

Discover Sioen's advanced solutions designed to keep trailers and transport assets safe. Our products not only make your trailer more stable but also protect against theft. We use a combination of steel-reinforced textiles and telematic technology to prevent cargo from being stolen. A special steel wire mesh stops thieves from cutting through the tarp. Our Carapax series adds even more strength with aramid reinforcement and materials that resist sparks, all available in rolls to fit different needs.

Greenwall Solutions

Greentexx specialises in greenwall technology, from compact indoor units ideal for homes and offices to expansive outdoor systems for building facades. We provide tailored solutions for any size project, enhancing aesthetics and air quality in any space. Our customised approach ensures each greenwall meets specific client needs, offering both functionality and style.

Camouflage nets production

Coatex specialises in high-quality camouflage nets, made to meet rigorous military standards. Using advanced materials and techniques, our nets blend with various terrains, concealing military assets effectively. Our innovative cutting and printing methods provide superior signal masking and disruption, keeping troops and equipment hidden. Committed to durability and effectiveness, our nets are crafted to withstand demanding use

Domes production

We use advanced machinery to create top-quality domes from coated fabrics, suitable for many uses. With state-of-the-art cutting, laser cutting, and welding techniques, we precisely shape and assemble each dome. Our process is tailored to meet specific client needs, providing extensive customization

Façade mesh printing

Our expertise lies in custom printing for façade mesh, enabling unique designs for building exteriors and architectural projects. We deliver vivid, sharp, and durable images, ideal for updating or decorating buildings. Using inks that resist fading from UV light and advanced printing methods, we turn structures into distinctive visual features. Our commitment to high quality ensures every printed mesh project boosts both the look and practical aspects of buildings.

Pondliner kits

Our pre-packed pondliner kits are designed for DIY enthusiasts eager to craft their own garden ponds. Each kit includes fabric precisely cut to size, making installation straightforward. Tailored for DIY stores, these kits offer a handy package for their customers. With options for various garden sizes, our pondliner kits simplify the process of turning outdoor areas into beautiful ponds.

Cutting services for automotive textiles

Our expertise in cutting and laser cutting various technical textiles makes us a perfect match for automotive confection projects. We deliver precision in shaping and sizing materials to meet the strict quality and specifications needed by automotive manufacturers. Using advanced technology, we achieve clean, precise cuts essential for meeting the high-performance standards of automotive textiles.