Forestry and Arboriculture clothing

Sioen specialises in outfitting professionals with high-quality gear designed to protect against the specific risks associated with forestry work. From chainsaw operators to tree climbers, our products provide essential protection against potential injuries, enhancing safety without compromising on mobility and comfort.

Chainsaw protection

Chainsaw protective clothing is vital for anyone operating a chainsaw, especially since leg injuries are common. SIP Protection offers a comprehensive range of chainsaw trousers designed to protect the legs while providing flexibility and comfort, ensuring operators can work safely and efficiently.

Brushcutting protection

For those handling brushcutters, SIP Protection provides a variety of protective garments including gaiters, leggings, chaps, and jackets, all tailored to shield against impacts from debris. Our garments not only offer physical protection but also feature waterproof materials to keep legs dry and improve ease of cleaning. Innovations such as mesh ventilation and modern designs increase comfort in demanding conditions.

Tree climbing clothing

Our tree climbing gear includes trousers that are both lightweight and durable, crafted to support mobility in high-intensity environments. These garments are engineered to meet the unique needs of tree climbers, combining safety with practical design features.