Woven Fabrics

Woven technical textiles are high-performance fabrics made for jobs where function beats fashion. Made through advanced weaving processes with different fibers, these textiles are built to be strong, last long, and withstand tough conditions. These fabrics are key in industrial settings and sectors such as automotive and construction where they might reinforce structures, protect surfaces, or filter materials. Their ability to be tailored for specific needs makes them a key player in engineering and technology fields today.


Sioen Technical Weaving is at the forefront of sustainable innovation with its PLA (polylactic acid) monofilament yarn fabrics, used in the production of teabags. Derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane, PLA is a biobased alternative to traditional fossil-based materials. It's industrially biodegradable, breaking down under controlled conditions as per EN 13432 standards. This makes our teabag fabric not just environmentally friendly but also a pioneer in the shift towards green materials in everyday products.


We produce glass fibre textiles known for being both strong and light. These fabrics are tough against chemicals and heat, keeping their shape under stress. They're essential in fields like aerospace and construction for reinforcing structures and insulating against elements.


We create unique fabrics by mixing materials such as glass with other materials for extra strength and flexibility. This material is perfect for tough situations needing durability and resistance to heat and chemicals, such as in construction and automotive industries.


In collaboration with Dimension-Polyant, Sioen Technical Weaving makes top-notch sailcloth for all kinds of boats. Dimension-Polyant's expertise ensures our sailcloth meets strict quality standards, making sails that perform exceptionally well.


For filtration, we craft fabrics with specific pore sizes to filter out unwanted particles while letting air and liquids pass through. These fabrics are durable, suitable for water treatment, and crucial for clean environments and public health.