Military and ballistic protection

Sioen Industries provides comprehensive military and ballistic protection solutions tailored to meet the safety needs of law enforcement, military personnel, and security industries. Our range includes advanced tactical gear, helmets, shields, and ballistic accessories designed for maximum protection and functionality in critical situations.

Overts and coverts

Overts: Our overt vests are designed to be worn over clothing, featuring durable outer fabrics and a breathable 3D Spacer fabric inside. They are equipped with both external and internal pockets for carrying accessories, making them ideal for law enforcement and security professionals.

Coverts: Covert vests are crafted for discretion and comfort, using thin, flexible materials that still comply with protection standards. With fabrics like Outlast® and Coolmax®, these vests remain unnoticed and comfortable over long periods, perfect for undercover operations or close protection roles.

Tactical gear

Our tactical vests are developed in collaboration between Sioen Ballistics and Sioen Military, focusing on ergonomic comfort and operational efficiency. These vests are adaptable to various modular setups and can be quickly donned or doffed, enhanced with options for additional protective coverage and utility configurations.

CBRN protection equipment

We also offer specialised suits for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) defence, providing robust protection in hazardous environments.