Pigment dispersions

Our pigment dispersions are manufactured to deliver precise and vibrant colour across various applications such as technical textiles, coatings, and plastics. These colour concentrates combine finely ground pigments with specialised binders, tailored to meet specific industry requirements. They provide excellent control over properties such as light fastness, viscosity, concentration, and particle size for consistent performance and colour uniformity. Our commitment to innovation and rigorous quality control guarantees that each batch of our pigment dispersions meets the highest standards, offering reliable and effective colouring solutions.

Technical textiles

Our pigment pastes, available in solvent-based, water-based, and UV formats, are ideal for applications such as textile coatings used in imitation leather and automotive interiors. We also offer a diverse range of topcoats designed to enhance finish, durability, and printability.

Artificial leather

We provide pigment preparations for coating flexible PU fabrics, such as artificial leather, ensuring uniform colour and consistent quality across the material.

Sealants and adhesives

From DIY home projects to the professional automotive industry our pigment dispersions are compatible with various base materials including polyurethanes, silicones, and acrylics, making them versatile for any context—whether it’s for waterproof sealing, exterior durability, or ease of painting.


Pigment dispersions for flex and rigid foams cater to a diverse array of industries, from packaging materials and furniture to shoe soles and mattresses. Our advanced pigment pastes are formulated to provide vibrant colours even at low dosages, ensuring efficient use without compromising on shade intensity. Tailored to the specific needs of each application, our colourants integrate seamlessly into various foam manufacturing processes.

Plastics and composites

Our pigment dispersions are integral to colouring a diverse array of plastic and composite components, widely used across industries—from whimsical garden gnomes to robust kitchen countertops and sleek yacht finishes. Specifically, our Embapur, Embaplast, and Estercolors ranges provide vibrant and durable colour solutions tailored to meet unique product demands.

Paints and coatings

Specialisation in unique and high-quality products is what sets us apart in the painting & coatings sector. Our offerings include innovative effect pigments, which enable the creation of specialty colours with pearl effects and fluorescent qualities. We can offer colour solutions to meet specific customer needs, ensuring they align with various applications from artistic finger paints requiring strict compliance with child safety standards for example, to decorative and protective coatings.

Seed coloration

We provide water-based pigments for the agricultural sector, ensuring our products meet stringent food safety standards applicable across different regions. Our expertise extends to enhancing the visual appeal and functional properties of seeds with vibrant, safe colours such as traditional blue and red, which are most common in seed treatment processes. This colouring not only helps in seed differentiation but also adheres to the regulatory requirements set for agricultural use.

Viscose casings

We offer water-based pigment dispersions for tinting sausage casings, ensuring safety and colour vibrancy for food packaging applications.