Our composites stand at the innovation forefront, combining materials such as self-reinforcing polypropylene and glass fabrics with advanced technologies. These materials are crafted for exceptional strength, long-lasting durability, and flexible design. Suitable for a broad range of uses, they boost the performance of products in various industries, making things such as improved weight distribution and lighter products possible.

SRPP Woven Fabrics

Our SRPP woven fabrics combine durability with cost efficiency. Lightweight yet impact-resistant, these fabrics can be moulded into various shapes, offering versatility for different applications. They don't require layering, which reduces production costs by simplifying the manufacturing process and lowering heat absorption. This innovation is transforming industries, including automotive, luggage, and sports safety, by offering lightweight yet strong materials.

Tyra PLY® Fabric Technology

Tyra PLY® changes the game in sailing, windsurfing, and kiting with its unparalleled stability in strong winds and lighter weight. This advanced technology, built on sophisticated filament spreading and cross-ply methods, delivers durability and design flexibility, setting a new benchmark in fabric technology.

Glass Fabric Composites

In applications requiring structural support and insulation, our glass fabric composites stand out. These materials, born from the fusion of advanced engineering and modern techniques, offer unmatched strength and durability. Their utility across different uses showcases our expertise in combining fibres and resins for high-quality composite technology.