Decorative inks

Our decorative inks enhance a variety of applications, from vibrant flooring designs to elegant wall coverings and stylish furniture finishes. Designed for gravure and screen printing, these inks are available in water-based, solvent-based, and radiation-curing formulations to ensure compatibility with different materials and printing techniques. They provide durable, wear-resistant finishes that bring long-lasting vibrancy to both commercial and residential settings, making everyday spaces visually appealing and functionally robust.


Our decorative inks are essential for producing eye-catching wallpapers, whether the design calls for subtle elegance or bold graphic prints. We offer a range of inks and pigment pastes perfect for colouring vinyl and paper wallpapers. In addition to inks, we provide UV topcoats and finishing wear layers, making us a comprehensive supplier for all your wallpaper production needs.

Vinyl flooring

Our specialised inks excel in colouring flexible PVC used in vinyl flooring, enabling a myriad of design possibilities. Additionally, for intricate patterns or artwork embedded within the flooring, we provide compatible printing inks tailored for use on this substrate.

Decor paper

Decor paper transforms the aesthetic of laminate flooring and furniture panels, and our water-based Si-Decor inks and extenders are tailor-made for this application. Specifically designed for gravure printing on both non-impregnated and pre-impregnated decorative paper, these inks ensure sharp, vibrant prints with excellent lightfastness and no bleeding. Additionally, our Aquacolor range provides a wide spectrum of colour concentrates ideal for the mass coloration of art and office paper.


Our water-based and UV-curable ink systems are greatly suited for edgeband printing, providing excellent adhesion and colour consistency. Designs or wood grain patterns can be printed smoothly directly onto the edgebanding materials (whether PVC, ABS or melamine) with our inks, ensuring great durability and aesthetics of the furniture piece.

Radiation curing (UV)

A comprehensive family of inks and varnishes made for UV, LED, and Excrimer curing applications, boosts our decorative ink portfolio. These products are developed for high-performance applications requiring fast curing times and superior quality finishes, ideal for industrial as well as decorative uses.