Colouring solutions

At Sioen, we specialise in creating custom colouring solutions for industries including printing, packaging, and decorative applications. Our state-of-the-art facility in Europe is equipped with advanced technology to produce high-quality pigment dispersions, inks, and varnishes. We handle everything from small specialty batches to large production runs with a focus on achieving perfect colour strength and consistency.

Pigment dispersions

Our pigment dispersions are manufactured to deliver precise and vibrant colour across various applications such as technical textiles, coatings, and plastics. These colour concentrates combine finely ground pigments with specialised binders, tailored to meet specific industry requirements. They provide excellent control over properties such as light fastness, viscosity, concentration, and particle size for consistent performance and colour uniformity. Our commitment to innovation and rigorous quality control guarantees that each batch of our pigment dispersions meets the highest standards, offering reliable and effective colouring solutions.

Decorative inks

Our decorative inks enhance a variety of applications, from vibrant flooring designs to elegant wall coverings and stylish furniture finishes. Designed for gravure and screen printing, these inks are available in water-based, solvent-based, and radiation-curing formulations to ensure compatibility with different materials and printing techniques. They provide durable, wear-resistant finishes that bring long-lasting vibrancy to both commercial and residential settings, making everyday spaces visually appealing and functionally robust.


We develop a range of solvent- and water-based varnishes and primers tailored to enhance and protect various products, especially suited for industries like technical textiles, flooring, and wall coverings. Our varnishes ensure good adhesion, high image quality, and resistance to stains and solvents. We also offer overprint varnishes that are highly scratch-resistant and can withstand both dry and wet rubbing, providing durable and visually appealing finishes.