Films & sheets

Our expertise in producing films and sheets from PVC and TPO sets us apart in the technical textiles sector. Known for their durability and flexibility, these products embody our commitment to quality and versatility. Through sophisticated manufacturing techniques, we guarantee that our films and sheets uphold the highest standards, addressing the diverse requirements of our clients across multiple industries.

PVC-films and sheets

Deep knowledge of material properties underpins our proficiency in producing PVC films and sheets, ensuring we deliver solutions that are not only customised but excel in performance and functionality. Our commitment to quality and innovation serves a broad spectrum of industries.

TPO-films and sheets

We excel in creating Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) films and sheets, adapting them for different uses. By enhancing TPO's toughness, flexibility, and resistance to the elements, we make it ideal for projects such as roofing, car interiors, and medical equipment. TPO is chosen for its ability to be welded with heat and withstand environmental wear, fitting perfectly into a range of demanding settings.