Coated Textiles

Coated technical textiles are given an extra layer of material such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PU (polyurethane) to boost their performance and life span across many uses. This extra coating adds special features—such as water resistance, UV protection, abrasion resistance, and antimicrobial characterics. These enhanced textiles are used in automotive, marine environments, and construction outdoors. PVC coatings bring durability and strength, whereas PU coatings add a touch of flexibility and a softer texture. The great thing about these coatings is that we can tweak them to fit specific needs, providing industries with tailor-made, durable solutions for their unique challenges.

PVC-coated textiles

Our PVC-coated textiles are designed for toughness and versatility across different sectors. They're perfect for transportation uses like truck tarps, ensuring goods stay protected under any condition. These textiles also excel in creating waterproof and UV-resistant tents for events, gas-tight membranes for biogas storage, and durable light-weight structures for tensile architecture. Their adaptability is showcased in applications ranging from high-speed doors to protective covers, meeting diverse needs with durability and weather resistance. 

Pond liners

Sioen crafts pond liners and sheeting essential for building everything from decorative ponds to industrial reservoirs. Our products stand out for being safe for aquatic life and resistant to root penetration, ensuring long-lasting and environmentally friendly solutions for water containment worldwide. 

Car dashboards, sun visors & door panels

Our coated textiles are integral to car interiors, offering materials for dashboards, door panels, and sun visors. These fabrics combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, providing durable and stylish solutions for the automotive industry. 

Floor liners

Engineered for strength and maintenance ease, our floor liners suit various environments, from vehicles to commercial spaces. Coated with PVC or polyurethane, they protect against moisture, dirt, and wear, while offering anti-slip safety features.

Environmental geomembranes

Our environmental geomembrane, made through extrusion coating, protects natural landscapes. These robust barriers resist chemicals, punctures, and UV damage, crucial for landfill liners and water containment projects, safeguarding soil and groundwater. 

Greenhouse fabrics

Our translucent greenhouse fabrics optimise plant growth by ensuring uniform light diffusion. Made to let natural light through while guarding against weather and UV rays, they support plant health and development in agricultural settings. 

Body bags

Sioen produces body bags that are not only mechanically strong and easily weldable but also biodegradable, breaking down in soil within six months to three years, showcasing our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. 

Oil booms

We make coated textiles for oil booms, essential for controlling oil spills and protecting waterways. Our materials are specifically designed to contain spills effectively, preventing environmental damage at sea and in coastal regions. 


Our fabrics are used in paramedical applications, including wound, eye, and pain relief patches. They ensure patches stay in place while offering protection against irritation or infection, tailored to meet specific medical requirements. 

Outdoor furniture covering

For outdoor furniture protection, Sioen's stretch coated fabric is ideal. Waterproof and breathable, it guards against rain, snow, and mold, ensuring your outdoor gear remains in top condition despite the elements. 


Choosing the right upholstery is crucial, especially for high-use areas in public transport, hospitals, and more. Sioen offers a wide range of durable, comfortable fabrics, ensuring high quality for intensively used furniture. 

Wall coverings

Our coated fabrics for wall coverings combine aesthetic appeal with practicality. Treated to resist stains, moisture, and wear, they're perfect for busy or spill-prone environments, offering easy maintenance and durability. 

Mattress covers

We produce coated textiles for mattress covers suited for homes, hospitals, and care centers. Designed for durability, they withstand high-temperature washes, maintaining hygiene without compromising on quality.  

Stretch tents

Sioen Fabrics' Flexout membranes bring modern, stylish solutions for stretch tents. These materials offer exceptional protection against weather elements while allowing for creative, elegant designs in event hosting. 

Protective clothing fabrics

The Sioen Petrus range is designed for protective clothing, offering options for high visibility, chemical and flame retardant protection, and enhanced hygiene for healthcare settings, ensuring safety and compliance across industries.