Maritime protective clothing

We offer an extensive range of maritime protective clothing for optimal safety in aquatic settings. Our products include life jackets with advanced inflation systems for emergency buoyancy, flotation suits that provide warmth and visibility for recovery in water, and immersion suits certified for harsh marine and cold conditions. Additionally, Ursuit® drysuits are perfect for both professional and recreational water activities, providing durability and protection for divers, rescue teams, and marine enthusiasts alike. Each item is engineered to meet strict safety standards, ensuring reliable protection across a variety of marine environments.

Life jackets

Mullion inflatable life jackets are personal flotation devices designed to offer buoyancy through an inflation system powered by a compressed CO2 gas cylinder. These life jackets are available in two buoyancy levels: 150 Newton and 275 Newton. They provide essential safety and support in maritime environments, ensuring that wearers stay afloat during emergencies at sea.

Floatation suits

Mullion flotation suits are designed to provide both warmth and protection from the elements while working, and crucial floatation and thermal protection in the event of accidental immersion. Classified as 50 Newton Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), these suits are waterproof, complying with EN 343, and offer comfort during use. In water, they help reduce the risks of cold shock and hypothermia, allow for easy manoeuvrability, and enhance the wearer's visibility, helping in quick location and recovery.

Immersion suits

Mullion offers a comprehensive range of immersion suits approved by SOLAS and ISO 15027, designed for cold water immersion and harsh working conditions. These suits are essential for environments such as offshore oil rigs, wind farms, and during helicopter transfers. Among the options available is the SOLAS / MED Fire Fighters equipment, ideal for use on offshore energy rigs, carrier ships, tankers, and oil and LPG supply vessels.


Ursuit specialises in crafting drysuits for a wide range of water activities, both recreational and professional. Our extensive collection includes over 25 models for diving, rescue, and leisure, available in various colours for men and women. Ursuit is a trusted brand among professionals such as firefighters, rescue teams, and military forces, as well as enthusiasts such as fishermen and sailors, who rely on these suits for superior protection in the most demanding conditions.