Vertical integration

We manage the complete industrial chain, from yarn to finished product. This gives us an edge over our competitors, enabling us to respond quickly to customer needs.

As a textile solution provider we produce:


Woven fabrics

Non wovens (felt)

Coated technical textiles

Services and solutions:

Fine chemicals

Protective clothing for any working condition

Our primary business consisted in 1960 of the production of technical textiles (coating). We reinforced our vertical integration by spinning, weaving and producing pigments ourselves, manufacturing apparel and undertaking all kinds of cutting-assembly work.

Undertaking as many production phases as possible in house offers many advantages: reduced costs, supplier independence, profit maximisation.

Initially, all the add-on activities served our primary production process. They have all become dynamic, independent business units with strong and growing external sales.

Because of extensive vertical and horizontal integration, our divisions are mutual customers and suppliers. On the other hand, they also sell their products to external customers. This mix pushes all of our divisions forward.