Agriculture, one of the sectors Sioen supplies with textiles

9 October, 2020

Sioen’s brands Veranneman Technical Textiles and Sioline are suppliers of technical textiles for the agricultural industry. Their technical textiles are used in many different applications, ranging from stable construction over machine protection to manure containment.

Sioline and Veranneman’s agriculture range

We have a range of high quality coated textiles that are perfectly suited for the agricultural industry. Sioline and Veranneman can offer membranes for greenhouses and have technical textiles that are perfect as windbreakers to reduce the wind and to create a natural ventilation. The protection of cattle and crops is an obvious theme when it comes to agricultural products. Machine protection, flexitanks and manure covers might, however, not immediately come to mind.

Our heavy duty technical textiles are used for machine protection. They protect against knives, blades and debris that could injure bystanders when working on the field. Of course, the products such as milk, that are produced on a farm, need to be stored. We have different materials that are food approved and that comply with the corresponding standards.

Not only food has to be stored, but also waste. We have an extensive range of hydrolysis and grease-resistant membranes for manure containment, which have an excellent gas permeability. Some of those products are KIWA certified.

Commonly used technical textiles in agriculture

Sioline’s E6105 ,E6106 and E6107 and Veranneman’s W202015L5 are Sioen’s most popular technical textiles for the agricultural industry. The three Sioline products mentioned above are transparent technical textiles for greenhouses and stables. They are closed with a visual grid. In addition, the textiles are flame retardant at a weight of 500 g/m2. The three membranes can be used for greenhouses and for stable windbreakers. They can provide shelter from harsh winds or can be used along existing fences.

The W202015L5 by Veranneman, on the other hand, is a heavy duty scrim used as a bird protection net in stables , for fencing, load security and safety barriers that weighs 400 g/m2. The heavy duty scrim is UV stabilised for outdoor use and offers a very high stability.

Many other scrims are currently used in the agricultural industry. For more information about the technical textiles, please contact or

Veranneman Technical Textiles

Veranneman Technical Textiles manufactures tailored technical scrim solutions for various applications such as roof reinforcements, geogrids, swimming pool covers, reinforcement nets, windbreak nets, façade cladding and filters. They have woven, laid and coated varieties (through engineered dip-coating processes).


Sioline manufactures coated technical textiles in mainly Polyester/PVC combinations with a wide variety of varnishes (acrylic, TiO2,...) and embossings (mat, glossy, rice grain, 3D cube, leather look,...). Its products are perfectly suited for side curtains, tilts and tarpaulins for trucks, railway wagons and containers, sports mats, swimming pool covers, tensile architecture, tents, publicity banners, biogas installations, flexitanks and many more.

Part of the Sioen Group

Sioline and Veranneman Technical Textiles are both part of the Sioen Industries Group. Sioen Industries is a diversified stock quoted group with an extensive portfolio of products and activities: spinning, weaving, and coating of technical textiles, manufacturer of professional protective clothing and producer of fine chemicals.