Mind-blowing sustainable solutions

28 November, 2019

Paysalia in Lyon will be the place to be for landscaping artists. The website of the show states: “Paysalia is the leading trade exhibition for everyone in France active in landscaping. Since 2009, over 3 days, they gather, meet, discuss and build the future of the profession together. The next edition of Paysalia will be held at Lyon Eurexpo on 3, 4 and 5 December 2019.” Sioen will be there with mind-blowing sustainable solutions.

First sustainable chainsaw trousers for landscaping professionals: Blue Rhino

With our brand SIP-Protection, we’re specializing in forestry clothing and chainsaw protection, carefully designed for and tested by wearers in the field. Our garments are engineered, manufactured, worn and approved by experts for experts. Every chainsaw user will find the right garment according to his/her needs in our vast range of standard garments.

At Paysalia, we launch our new “Blue Rhino concept”, the first 100% and only circular safety trousers for chainsaw users on the market. After a period of intensive research, we’ll launch a next generation of safety trousers, protecting the wearer against chainsaws.

100% circular chainsaw trousers

Not only will the "Blue Rhino” comply to the EN 381 norm, it will also be a very comfortable and 100% circular garment, equipped with a material passport.

The efforts of our R&D team went beyond recycling. We searched on every level from design over base material and production, to packaging, distribution, maintenance and recycling in order to come to this première: a 100% circular protective garment.

We’ve designed the garment entirely for recycling. Here’s what we did:

The garment in its’ totality being made of recycled polyester and polyester, it can entirely and easily be recycled. Once recycled, the garment becomes 100% recycled polyester and can be entered into the production process again.

The Blue Rhino competes for the Innovation Award at the Paysalia fair.

First textile solution for vertical ecosystems: GreenTecStyle

Another mind-blowing solution is the composite “GreenTecStyle” for creating vertical ecosystems both in- and outdoors.

GreenTecStyle® by Sioen allows to introduce living green elements in a vertical environment. It is the all-in-one solution for greening urban spaces. The GreenTecStyle® green wall concept is a lightweight, flexible textile composite with easy-to-use plant pockets. It is rapidly and easily installed using keder rails. This durable performance product is the first flexible solution for green walls on the market.

GreenTecStyle will play an important role in the cities and public buildings of tomorrow. Main advantages are:

  1. The positive effect on the climate – The plants in the vertical ecosystem created with GreenTecStyle® will deflect the sunlight from pavement and commercial buildings and thus reduce urban heat stress (the heat in cities and towns) considerably.

  2. Improve the physical health of the people living in cities - One acre (4.000 m²) of plants grown on the GreenTecStyle® could absorb six tons of carbon dioxide and put out four tons of oxygen. Plants serve also as a dust filter.

  3. Improve their mental health outdoor - They create a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment and increase the quality of life by bringing natural elements and insect (and potentially small wildlife) habitats. Biophilia, the sensation of a more enjoyable working and living environment due to the presence of plants and improve social interaction

  4. Improve their mental health indoor - They create a peaceful, stressless and aesthetically environment, increase the air quality and reduce considerably the noise pollution.

  5. Allow biodiversity – They are a beacon of life, flowers attract pollinators such as bees, bumblebees, and butterflies, the plants and insects attract birds, and the substrate itself is inhabited by different trophic levels of crawling animals including snails, spiders, crustaceans, and insects such as beetles.

  6. Provide insulation - provide acoustic and thermal insulation, keeping the houses cool in summer and holding the heat of the radiators inside in winter.

  7. Economic advantages - savings in energy costs for cooling and heating and increase the values of homes/buildings with well-maintained landscapes and green accents up to 20%.

Two solutions, one group

It’s not surprising that the Sioen group comes up with these very innovative solutions. The group has always been a trendsetter in the production of technical textiles and professional protective garments. It has been doing so since the very beginning in the early ‘60s and has been growing ever since into a stock quoted market leader offering textile solutions.

Research and development is one of the main focal points of the industrial group, that focusses on technology and manufacturing excellence in every aspect of its value chain.

Visit us stand 4L132 at Paysalia Lyon on 3, 4 and 5 December.