New products Catalogue 2020

17 March, 2020

Our ‘New Products 2020’ catalogue contains more than 30 new products ranging from accessories to ARC protective clothing, from bodywear to ladieswear. Sioen aims to protect everyone in every situation according to the latest international standards.

ARC Rainwear

A new important innovation is the development of our new Siopor® Excell ARC rainwear range, also called ‘ExcellArc’. This new collection combines more protection with more comfort for the wearer.

All the styles comply to the new IEC 61482-2 (2018) standard, APC 1 (ARC Protection Class), protecting the wearer against the thermal risks of an electric flashover.

The fabric is softer, lighter of weight (280g/m²) and more supple. The fabric also complies to class 4 of the new standard EN 343 (2019), meaning that the breathability of the fabric has improved (Ret <15). The breathable Siopor® layer moves the perspiration away from the body to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate so the wearer stays comfortable.

High-visibility bomber jacket

Work clothing often must endure quite a bit. With that in mind we developed a high visibility (class 3) bomber jacket in a heavy canvas construction. The jacket is made of a very strong fabric with a high tear and tensile strength. It has a good abrasion resistance and is highly suitable for harsh working conditions. Although the jacket is made of a heavy canvas it still breathes and perspiration can evaporate. The jacket complies to the latest EN 343 (2019) standard, class 4.

Protection against pesticides

In our new 2020 range we also include a jacket, bib and brace and apron with protection against pesticides. These products comply to the ISO 27065 standard for protective clothing worn by operators handling pesticide products. This clothing has been designed with special attention, making sure that no penetration of chemicals is possible. The Flexothane® fabric of which these garments are made of is exceptionally strong and resistant making it an extremely durable fabric.

Sioen is always looking to innovate and to protect so have a look at our ‘New Products 2020’ catalogue to see what new protective clothing and accessories we have in store for you. Keep following us as we will launch some new products later this year.