Security and safety solutions at Intersec

11 January, 2019

From the 20th of January onwards, Sioen will be present at Intersec, the world’s leading trade fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection. This trade show is one of the largest fairs dedicated to Fire Protection in the world, visited by thousands of influential trade buyers. As an expert in PPE and specializing in fire fighters' garments, we will showcase our latest security & safety solutions.

PPE specialist in professional protective clothing

We are the number one innovator in the domain of high-quality protective clothing for any demanding working condition. The corner stone of our organization is the hundred and eighty-two-headed R&D department. We strongly invest in the research and development of new, revolutionary products. The customer is at the center of everything we do.

We offer a complete product range from head to toe and inside out for harsh working conditions. This way, we approach our customers as a provider of integral professional protective clothing solutions. Whatever need or problem you’re facing, we’ll tackle it.

All our garments are carefully designed for and tested by the wearers in the field. For over 50 years we have been dressing people in their various working conditions. Translated into garments, this means that we have provided them with over 120 million pieces. Produced, worn and approved by specialists for specialists.

Fire Fighters clothing

Our heritage in fire fighters clothing dates back to 1927 with Vidal Protection. Ever since, we have been producing innovative solutions for fire fighter brigades all over the world.

We have the largest supply of approved complexes of the market, from the most resistant and the lightest to the most protective complex. We offer a very high-level service, including repairs and cleaning. Our team of experts masters every aspect of the CE & ISO standards. Our presence alongside fire fighters in several countries gives us a broad intelligence of this market. Thanks to our own production chain Sioen can assure a very high quality that is acknowledged on the market and monitored by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We are even Step- certified, acknowledging our sustainable approach.

We can showcase a multitude of references of which the Paris Fire fighters, Dubaî Fire Fighters and the Dutch are some recent examples.

Our customer centric approach

Over the years, we have been building up a huge fund of skills and know-how, but the best way to create the appropriate garment is to talk to the wearer in the field. They can tell us exactly what they want. We have been doing this since our very existence in the 1960s, practicing customer centricity and living up to our corporate slogan: “Protection through Innovation”.

We always work in teams of interdisciplinary experts. In addition, we have an accumulated know-how of both garments and technical textiles for more than 110 years now. Our vertically integrated value chain includes the production of yarns, woven fabrics, felts, coated technical textiles and garments.

We maintain impressive testing labs where products are tested for every kind of resistance relevant to their particular use. While final testing to obtain certificates oft en must be done by certified agencies, every item is first tested in-house. Our labs can stand comparison with the best labs worldwide.

At the fair

At the Intersec fair, we will be showcasing some of our products and innovations. A team of international experts will welcome you from the 20th until the 22nd of January in Dubai on booth 4-A32.