Sioen launches new Sweater Alton

12 February, 2019

A sweater is essential to your wardrobe, like a blanket on your couch: cosy and comfortable. That’s what we had in mind when we were designing and engineering the new Alton sweater. It is a must have for every worker, in every season. The Alton can be worn all the year round separately, or in smart layers.

Sweater revisited

A sweater is a knitted garment worn on the upper body, typically with long sleeves, put on over the head. It is designed to keep you warm by covering your arms and torso. Although we offer a wide range of sweaters, pullovers and cardigans in our range, we could not resist designing the Alton. The Alton is a sweater (also referred to as pullover, jumper, sweatshirt or jersey), a collarless loose upper garment that is designed to cover your upper body and to offer you plenty of comfort and warmth.

The Alton differs to mainstream sweaters and pullovers mainly because of its fabric. Though one single fabric, the inside and the outside differ substantially. The touch and feel of the inside fabric is like a fleece, whereas the outside is knitted in a herringbone pattern.

The Alton has a very modern, contemporary look and at the same time it seems timeless and simple. This is because the sweater has been designed with some retro elements such as the color (petrol, navy and grey) and the subtle decorative stitching in the seams, which appeals both young and old. The comfort of the high-tech double-faced fabric makes it an essential basic piece for your wardrobe.

Alton 578A features

The Alton is sturdy and warm and will protect you against the cold and wind. The sweater features a short zipper (branded with Sioen-puller for a smart touch), good moisture management properties, a standing collar, knitted wind guards at the sleeve ends and an elastic waist.

The fabric, a lightweight mixture of knitwear on the outside and fleece on the inside, dries very quickly. That smart mixture of knit and fleece makes the Alton one of the most comfortable sweaters in our range.

Quality and durability are just some of the important characteristics of our garments. This is no different than with the new Alton sweater. Wear-intensive areas such as the shoulders and elbows have extra reinforcement. The vertical chest pocket and the decorative stitching make this a very practical and stylish sweater.

The trendy look of the Alton does not compromise functionality. On the contrary, the comfort of the fabric ensures productivity of your workforce and adds to their well-being.

The Alton can be worn over shirts, underwear and T-shirts and inside your jacket, vest or waistcoat. Its versatility means it can be worn in casual or formal settings and in any season. The Alton is most popular during cool weather, also often referred to as “sweater weather”.

Sioen for the full outfit

At Sioen, we design, engineer and produce professional protective clothing. Our team of researchers and designers is in constant search of innovative materials and design, without compromising on practicality and compliancy with norms and regulations.

We design, engineer and produce high quality professional protective clothing for any working environment. We have built up a strong reputation in various parts of the protective apparel world: Industry, firefighting, rescue services, police, forestry, marine, … and leisure clothing. All these experiences combined with additional unequalled expertise in the production of technical textiles, makes our Sioen brand a benchmark in PPE.

Our range includes workwear, underwear and T-shirts, thermal wear and rainwear. Including trousers, jackets, fleeces, soft-shells, pullovers, sweaters, waistcoats, coveralls, bomber ackets, waders, … Every garment you need for your protection at work. All our garments are carefully designed, engineered and produced in our own worldwide production plants.