Sioen supports Medics without Vacation

19 November, 2018

Sioen donates medical textiles to Medics without Vacation, an organization that supports hospitals and care centers in 5 African countries.

Medics without vacation is a recognized NGO with a team of more than 600 doctors and nurses. Since 1981 they are operating in Africa by helping all kinds of hospitals to create a more sustainable environment.

During their own vacation, the specialists leave for Africa with bandages, instruments and medication but also medical equipment. They like to share their knowledge and experiences for example by organizing workshops for their African colleagues. Their help is based on a long term relationship with the hospitals in Burkina Faso, Benin, DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi to make sure they are evolving during time.

Next to their classic missions, Medics without Vacation organizes some extra projects as well, to try to help as many people in Africa as possible. They focus for example on projects regarding forgotten illnesses, disabilities, people in remote regions, …

Sioen decided to support the team of Medics without Vacation by donating medical textiles to the NGO to help them in their daily missions.