Welcome to our brand new Sioen Fire website

14 December, 2020

Welcome! We’re proud to present you the new Sioen Fire website. It has a brand new style and a lot of functionalities to discover.

We are your partner for highly qualitative firefighter suits. Many fire brigades have already relied on our expertise and skills to develop their innovative suits. On our new website, you can have a look at the firefighters garments we’ve designed for clients all over the world and you can find out how you would like to customise your department’s suit.

In the Expertise tab, you can read more about our in-house research & development department and about our innovative complexes that comply with European and many other standards. You can also discover more about our fully owned production sites all over the world and about sizing, which is vital for your comfort during interventions.

Are you looking for more information regarding washing, repair, end-of-life or warranty? Then we guide you to the Use section of our website, where we describe everything to guarantee a safe use and maintenance of your firefighter suit.

If you access our Stories, you will be able to read our latest news, interesting trends, success stories and other related topics. It will give you a few hours of interesting firefighter related reading material to discover.

The About us part explains how we help you excel as a firefighter. We anticipate change in the industry and adapt accordingly. That proactive approach combined with nearly 100 years of experience and unequalled technical superiority has made firefighters excel worldwide. We take a deeper dive in how we set the standard, make you feel safe and what the future challenges are.

Does this sound interesting? Take a further look on our website and of course don't hesitate to contact us for more information if you’re looking for excellent protection, more comfort and special innovations.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.