A myriad of new products

17 September, 2019

Our new Sioen-PPC brochure is packed with new products. Of course, we keep on highlighting our fast runners and evergreens, but in this newsflash, we especially want to focus on the more than 60 new products that have been added to the already extensive product portfolio.

To present this myriad of new products, we’ve taken the 4 layers of professional protective garments as a starting point. In our article “Why you should always dress in layers”, you can find valuable information regarding multilayering. Our article “Sioen-PPC ranges explained” navigates you through the different levels of protection for a wide variety of risks and occupational hazards.


Our bodywear keeps you dry, and wicks perspiration from your skin. In all our ranges, we’ve added new innovative garments. Here are some examples:

  1. All Weather: We’re proud to present you performant underwear made of sustainable fabric based on coffee residue. This fabric has an antibacterial effect to stop odours so that the long-john and top keeps you fresh longer.

  2. Hi-Vis: If you want to increase your visibility in a practical, comfortable and simple way, our new hi-vis waistcoat [Anta] with zipper is a great choice. It has more features than a plain regular waistcoat, offering narrowing studs for a perfect fit regardless how many layers you wear underneath, a chest pocket with pen pocket, two patched pockets and one mica pocket for an identification card.

  3. Multinorm: Multinorm protection is our forte. Wearing the right underwear and/or T-shirts to enhance your protection is key. Our new long john Glato and top Tiolo offering arc protection, including FR AST protection are must haves in any multinorm wardrobe. The new flame retardant and anti-static T-shirt with long sleeves Arran and polo-shirt version Garat are great new garments for your outfit. The Ardva (T-shirt) and the Elgin (polo-shirt) adds extra arc protection to that. Two new multinorm waistcoats, new shirts and two accessories (balaclava and neck protection), complete the range.

Thermal wear

This insulating layer keeps you warm and retains body heat. In all our ranges, we’ve added new innovative garments. Here are some examples:

  1. All Weather: You’ll be surprised of how fashionable Professional Protective Clothing can be. The colours of the new garments we present are petrol, grey and dark blue but also the cut and fit are slightly different from regular professional protective thermal wear. For this range we’ve designed and engineered a sweater (Alton) and sweater (Hayton) with hood and zipper that can stand comparison with your daily leisure wear. Three new softshell jackets (Cardi, Crosby and Garlin), a new fleece jacket (Romsey) and a new body warmer complete this attractive new set of all-weather thermal wear.

  2. Hi-vis: The super light, close-fitting hi-vis Pendi softshell jacket is guaranteed to fit you. The comfortable 3-layer softshell acts as a windbreaker. The sleeve ends have elastic piping to protect you from the wind.

  3. Multinorm: The Lerby is a new hi-vis orange polo shirt with arc protection and has been designed with a turnover collar and cuffs in a contrasting colour. The long sleeved polo shirt makes you more visible with the reflective FR strips and protects you against industrial hazards such as an electric arc

  4. Food/Freezer: We’ve enlarged our existing popular Nicewear collection (Navy blue with light blue touches) with a new line, combining navy blue with high vis accents, enhancing visibility at work. Not only the colour combinations are new, also the fabric is different. The fabric is a lightweight ± 185 g/m² polyamide combined with a polyester Hi-vis Cordura®.


Or the intermediate layer that keeps you protected. Multinorm workwear is very technical, and let technicity be our specialty. Our team of multidisciplinary researchers and developers are known for their 360° of textile expertise, both mastering garment manufacture as the production of yarns, fibres and performant fabrics.

  1. Multinorm FR AST: The new set of jacket and trousers Gulia and Lonic made in the exclusive Sio-Flame ™ Molten Metal fabric, are FR AST and offer excellent protection against molten aluminum (D3) and steel (E3).

  2. Multinorm Arc: We’ve almost doubled the number of products offered in our Multinorm ARC workwear range made with our unique high quality Sio-Safe™ fabrics. People who are exposed to flames and heat, metal splashes, chemicals, risk of arc flashover deserve the best possible protection.

a. Sio-Safe™ Essential (350 g/m²) is a comfortable, yet very durable fabric with good moisture management properties. In addition to its excellent FR properties the fabric offers an outstanding molten metal splash protection making these garments perfectly suited for welding activities. The jacket and trousers Kasie and Lesha are specially designed for women. Read our newsflash to learn more about women workwear.

b. Sio-Safe™ Essential Light is a brand new inherently flame retardant, lightweight fabric of 260 g/m² FR AST ARC protection fabric. Combine our new navy-blue trousers Moreda or offshore coverall Devona with offshore jacket Ramea.

c. Sio-Safe™ Extra (300-320 g/m²) is soft and supple and offers excellent protection against severe body burns caused by the exposure to an electric arc or other industrial heat and flame hazards. It offers significantly better moisture regulating properties in comparison with synthetic aramid fibres. Its pilling resistance is also far better than that of many other protective fabrics. Sio-Safe™ Extra can be used for protective clothing worn in chemical, energy, construction and utility companies. We’ve added a new hi-vis set of trousers Leste and jacket Pathal to the range. The garments are a combination of hi-vis orange and navy-blue.

d. Sio-Safe™ Extra light: The version of Sio-Safe™ Extra that is up to 60 grams lighter at 260 g/m² for even more comfort. Wear our new Bakki trousers or Mornant coverall in combination with the Orlu jacket- all navy blue/ hi-vis orange.

e. Sio-Safe™ Supra: High end fabric for ultimate ARC Cl 2 protection. Available in navy blue jacket Godern and Hanfeld trousers or in hi-vis yellow/ navy blue trousers Karden and jacket Lobau.

Rain wear

This shell (or outer) layer shields you from wind and rain and a multitude of other occupational risks.

  1. All Weather: To make your stylish outfit complete, we’ve designed two jackets and matching trousers. The jackets Colton and Haines are made of our renowned Siopor® Light fabric that is wind- and waterproof, breathable, comfortable, supple, lightweight, strong and machine washable. The bicolour jacket Haines and the bicolour Colton with distinct colour difference are both available in grey, petrol and navy blue. Wear the matching trousers Moores to complete your outfit.

  2. Hi-Vis: We’ve added a high visibility rainjacket for women to our range. Women deserve all the same comfort as men in rainy weather. The Talia hi-vis raincoat has therefore especially been designed for women. With ergonomic sleeves, underarm ventilation, an elastic cord at the waist and an elastic wristband with touch and close fastening for comfort.

  3. Food/Freezer: In addition to the jacket, trousers, sleeves and aprons made with our Flexothane Kleen fabric (95° machine washable), we’ve added a long coat Rigi.