Intensive development leads to approved wild boar pants

27 November, 2018

To protect you from an attack by a wild boar, we developed the Tracker Defense hunting pants. Those who hunt wild boar know that they can be very dangerous at times. Who knows the risks wants to protect him- or herself and that is possible now with the SIP Protection 1SRZ Tracker Defense.

Every hunter has either experienced it him-or herself or knows somebody who's had the experience : being attacked by a wild boar. The result of those kind of attacks prove how unpredictable and vicious these animals can be and shows the utility of proper protection.

The Tracker Defense was developed for people who follow the injured wild boar in the hunt. These 'chasers or trackers' continue the active confrontation with the wild boar until the animal blows its last sigh.

The protection against the wild boar is located on the front of the pants and from the spine to the back of the knee, developed to first absorb the impact of an injured wild boar and minimize the resulting risk of penetration of the tusks.

Order your Tracker Defense pants under the reference 1SRZ at your SIP Protection dealer.