Award winning X-PAC™ LS42 and VX21

14 June, 2018

The Carry Award

Carriology is the world’s online hub for the best bags, luggage, wallets and accessories – curated by their specialist team. They award the best bags every year through the “Carry Awards”. This year’s winner in the category “Best Active Backpack” went to the “Spectre Carry System” made by Triple Aught Design .

Triple Aught design specialize in gear for adventurers. Their headquarters is located in the historic Dogpatch neighborhood, an evolving manufacturing district on San Francisco's eastern waterfront (USA). The company states: “With the Pacific to our west and the Sierras to our east, we have spectacular landscapes to inspire our designs and rugged wilderness areas in which to test and use our products.” Dimension-Polyant , brand of the Sioen Industries Group helped them to do just that.

The Spectre Carry System

Spectre Carry System is engineered as a light, durable, and modular platform for off-grid adventures, allowing to carry the tools that the user needs to thrive. From lightweight day trips and fast-packing to multi-day backcountry missions, Spectre was engineered to help the users push their capabilities further. These are the words the manufacturer uses on their website to describe the system.

For Dimension-Polyant, the world market leader in the production of sailcloth, the challenge was to engineer light and durable membranes, fit for this task.

The pack materials X-Pac™ LS42 LiteSkin and VX21

The cutting-edge Dimension-Polyant pack materials X-Pac™ LS42 Lite Skin® and VX21 are the result of a thorough engineering, based on the requirements of the customer, in combination with our know how on technical textiles.

X-Pac™ LS42 Lite Skin® is a membrane manufactured for higher abrasion resistance at about 20% less weight then its standard X-Pac™ counterpart. With an ideal balance of durability and weight, this membrane can endure the hash circumstances of hiking and extreme sports. The X-Pac™ LS42 is an ultralight waterproof pack material, designed specifically for abrasion resistance at an ultra-light weight. LS42 is a laminate fabric comprised of a non-woven Polyester layer, coated with Poly Resin and a Nylon Ripstop lightweight fabric.

X-Pac™ VX21 is a pack material that offers a solid balance of durability and weight with a thicker nylon face for enhanced abrasion resistance compared to its lighter variants. VX21 is a laminate fabric comprised of a Nylon face, a black Polyester X-PLY®, a PET film with a Poly waterproof coating and a Poly Taffeta backing for extra abrasion resistance.

The company: Dimension-Polyant

With its roots in the yachting world and as a world market leader, Dimension-Polyant is very familiar with the high requirements of ultra-lightweight and yet extremely durable fabrics. The company uses only the best raw materials of highest quality for highest demand. The company weaves high performance fabrics under technically most up-to-date conditions. Special looms provide an extremely tight weave. Dimension-Polyant uses a variety of finishing techniques such as impregnating, coating and laminating. The production of Dimension-Polyant fabrics is done with the latest techniques to meet the highest level for environmental conditions.

Dimension-Polyant is part of the Sioen Industries Group. The group is world market leader in technical textiles. As an innovation driven textile solution provider, one of the most important advantages Sioen offers is the accumulated expertise of every aspect of a technical textile. The group is fully integrated, producing yarns, fabrics, chemicals and protective clothing, ensuring a cross sectorial 360° knowledge of the market needs.