Because you’re smart

29 January, 2019

You’re wearing high visibility clothing not only because it is required by law and health and safety regulations, but because you’re smart. High-visibility clothing reduces the risk of accidents and fatalities in any environment where visibility is crucial. This is a sheer countless range of circumstances such as in places when there is low light and poor visibility, where there is vehicular traffic (of any kind, including forklifts, trains, cars, busses, …), in construction areas, in harbours, in storage isles, …


Hi-vis clothes are characterized by their fluorescent colour in combination with reflective striping. The fluorescent colour such as hi-vis orange, hi-vis yellow and hi-vis red, catches the eye and is easily discernible during the day regardless of the lighting conditions. The reflective striping improve visibility even further especially in the dark as they catch the light from external light sources (e.g. headlights) and reflect it. We only use the best fluorescent and reflective materials for our vast range of high visibility clothes to ensure their durability.

We always try to offer smart solutions to changing working conditions. Our Interchangeable Lining System or I.L.S. allows you to quickly adapt your outfit, by simply adding or removing the lining. To this purpose, the outer jacket with I.L.S. functionality has a corresponding, extra zipper inside. In this way, you are protected against the harsh cold of the winter. Then later, when temperatures rise again, the extra zipped in garment can very easily be removed, thus making the jacket usable for the summer.

Eye catching and catching the eye

The correct use of high vis garments is a relatively simple and inexpensive measure in your efforts to increase safety at work and in keeping the accident rate close to zero. Depending on ambient lighting and any electrical illumination, full body hi-vis clothing may be necessary.

You’ll find in our hi-vis range a wide array of products from waistcoats, T-shirts, fleeces, softshells, traditional workwear to rain jackets and trousers to make sure you can dress in hi-vis from inside out. In this way, you can confidently adapt your clothes to the weather conditions because you’ll be wearing hi-vis in every layer of your outfit. Our high-visibility garments are in accordance with the EN ISO 20471.t

Abado, Reims and Brighton

The Abado, Reims and Brighton garments are part of our extensive Professional Protective Clothing [PPC] range, including all weather protection, high-visibility clothing, multinorm protection and freezer wear. The range consists of bodywear (underwear, long johns and T-shirts), thermal wear (fleeces, softshells), workwear (coveralls, trousers, vests) and rainwear (parkas, trousers, vests, waders).

Abado is a hi-vis rain trousers. Its elastic waist and narrowing at the leg ends ensure that the trousers have a comfortable fit.

Reims is a soft, double-sided fleece ensuring a warm and cosy feeling all winter long. The wind breaker at the front offers extra protection against wind, and the elastic sleeve cuffs and waist ensure that the fleece fits perfectly to your body and the wind does not stand a chance. The fleece is resistant to pilling and besides you can zip this fleece into the Brighton rain jacket (132Z) using the I.L.S. system.

The Brighton is a classic, stylish, high quality hi-vis parka. The laminated fabric feels surprisingly comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the fine membrane, this raincoat is breathable and waterproof. Additional advantages are the detachable hood with chin guard, the many practical pockets both on the inside and the outside and the possibility to zip in a fleece


Protection, visibility, reducing risks, eliminating accidents, … there are many reasons for high visibility garments. In addition to employees, site visitors may be requested to wear waistcoats to maintain visibility and safety. And why not offer them hi-vis garments with thermal insulation when the weather gets colder?

In addition to the safety advantages, high visibility garments are a great corporate tool. Not only to identify staff and authorised personnel in any given location with controlled or restricted access for safety or security reasons, but also as a brand reinforcement tool even employer branding purposes. It indisputably fosters the team spirit amongst employees and increases company awareness.