Our infrastructure

Sioen’s R&D centres and labs are fully equipped with the latest testing equipment. Testing for tear and breaking strength, flame retardancy, chemical resistance, water column, colour fastness, ageing and so on are all performed in-house, and Sioen can stand comparison with the world’s top research institutes in this area.

In-house testing equipment

The ability to conduct flame tests (EN 367), and thermal radiation tests (EN ISO 6942) in-house has led to Sioen being one of the first European producers certified for the new EN 469:2005 standard for fire fighter clothing, and helps Sioen to play a leading role in fire retardant garments. Sioen has its own ballistic laboratory including a shooting range and evaluation equipment.

Testing variables

Sioen maintains impressive testing labs where products are tested for every kind of resistance relevant to their particular use: rain, wind, sub-zero temperatures (protective garments for cold storage workers among others), tear strength, UV-resistance, abrasion, ageing, crack resistance, flash fire (firefighting equipment), bullet and stab protection (protective jackets for police/military). While final testing to obtain certificates often has to be done by certified agencies, every item is first tested in-house. Our labs can stand comparison with the best labs worldwide.